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Remo Williams

The Adventure Begins...


Released 1985

Guy Hamilton = Director

Larry Spiegel = Producer

Judy Goldstein = Co-Producer

Dick Clark = Executive Producer

Mel Bergman = Executive Producer

Fred Ward as Remo Williams

Joel Grey as Chiun

Wilford Brimley as Harold Smith

J. A. Preston as Conn MacCleary

George Coe as Gen. Scott Watson

Charles Cioffi as George Grove

Kate Mulgrew as Maj. Rayner Fleming

Patrick Kilpatrick as Stone

Michael Pataki as Jim Wilson

Davenia McFadden as NYC Traffic Control Cop

Cosie Costa as Pvt. Damico

J. P. Romano as Boomer #1

Joel J. Kramer as Boomer #2

Frank Ferrara as Boomer #3

Marv Albert as Sports Announcer

Ray Woodfork as Hood #1

Phil Neilson as Hood #2

Webster Whinery as Hood #3

Frank Simpson as Senior Police Officer

Dodi Kenan as Nurse

Reginald VelJohnson as Ambulance Driver

Jon Polito as Zack

Gene LeBell as Red

Michael M. Ryan as Sgt. Sullivan

Jeff Allin as Lt. Fox

Will Jeffries as Young Captain

Sebastian Ligarde as Pvt. Johnson

Roger Cudney as Capt. Young

Duane B. Clark as Logger

John Christianson as Logger

Phil Culotta as Soldier Driver

Tom McBride as Jim in Soap Opera

Andrew MacMillan as Doctor in Soap Opera

Wendy Gazelle as Linda in Soap Opera

Suzy Snyder as Nurse in Soap Opera

William Hickey as The Coney Island Barker

Pete Richardson as Construction Worker (uncredited)

John Sabol as Army Sargeant (uncredited)

Steven Lambert as Stuntperson

Robin Grathwol as Stuntperson

Bob Yerkes as Stuntperson

Pedro Carrillo as Stuntperson

Bernhard Pock as Stuntperson

Wayne King as Stuntperson

Ray Woodfork as Stuntperson

Tom Morga as Stuntperson

Jack Williams as Stuntperson

Roy Farfel as Stuntperson

Walter Robles as Stuntperson

Jery Hewitt as Stuntperson

Michael M. Vendrell as Stuntperson

Gary Tacon as Stuntperson

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