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The Rescuers

Down Under


Released 1990

Hendel Butoy = Director

Mike Gabriel = Director

Thomas Schumacher = Producer

Kathleen Gavin = Associate Producer

Bob Newhart as Voice of Bernard

Eva Gabor as Voice of Miss Bianca

John Candy as Voice of Wilbur

Tristan Rogers as Voice of Jake

Adam Ryen as Voice of Cody

Wayne Robson as Voice of Frank

George C. Scott as Voice of McLeach

Douglas Seale as Voice of Krebbs

Frank Welker as Voice of Joanna & Additional Vocal Effects

Bernard Fox as Voices of Chairmouse & Doctor

Peter Firth as Voice of Red

Billy Barty as Voice of Baitmouse

Ed Gilbert as Voice of Francois

Carla Meyer as Voices of Faloo & Mother

Russi Taylor as Voice of Nurse Mouse

Charlie Adler as Additional Voices

Jack Angel as Additional Voices

Vanna Bonta as Additional Voices

Peter Greenwood as Additional Voices

Marii Mak as Additional Voices

Mickie McGowan as Additional Voices

Patrick Pinney as Additional Voices

Phil Proctor as Additional Voices

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