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Return To Halloweentown


Released 2006

David Jackson = Director

Don Schain = Producer

Sheri Singer White = Executive Producer

Steve White = Executive Producer

Sara Paxton as Marnie Piper

Judith Hoag as Gwen Cromwell Piper

Lucas Grabeel as Ethan Dalloway

Joey Paul Zimmerman as Dylan Piper

Kristy Wu as Scarlett Sinister

Keone Young as Silas Sinister

Millicent Martin as Prof. Persimmon Periwinkle

Summer Bishil as Aneesa

Leslie Wing-Pomeroy as Dr. Lwaxana Goodwyn

Debbie Reynolds as Agatha Cromwell

Scott Stevensen as Dr. Grogg

Katie Cockrell as Sage Sinister

Kellie Cockrell as Saphire Sinister

Christopher Robin Miller as Young Troll

Micaela Nelligan as Wrinkled Old Witch

Brighton Hertford as Young Persimmon Periwinkle

Stefania Barr as Bratty Daughter

Eliza Wren as Geek Girl

Steve Luna as Handsome Jock

Darren Ewing as Morose Cashier

Steve Andruzzi as Snotty Buyer

Janice Peterson as Timid Mom

Roy Knyrim as Benny Puppeteer

Mark Villalobos as Benny Puppeteer

Ryan Hernandez as Benny Puppeteer

Robin De Santis as Fairy (uncredited)

Cheyenne Hall as Vampire (uncredited)

Aidan McKinney as Ice Cream Parlor Patron (uncredited)

Denali McKinney as Pixie (uncredited)

Maggie Munro as Student (uncredited)

Austin Richey as Bat Boy with Scooter (uncredited)

Tisha Vaculin as Cheerleader #1 (uncredited)

Frank L. Bare II as Young Troll Stunt Double

Jeff Chumas as Pumpkin-Headed Horseman

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