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Return To Neverland


Released 2002

Robin Budd = Director

Donovan Cook = Co-Director

Christopher Chase = Producer

Michelle Pappalardo-Robinson = Producer

Dan Rounds = Producer

Chris Henderson = Associate Producer

Lizbeth Velasco = Associate Producer

Harriet Owen as Voices of Jane & Young Wendy

Blayne Weaver as Voice of Peter Pan

Corey Burton as Voice of Captain Hook

Jeff Bennett as Voices of Smee & Pirates

Kath Soucie as Voice of Wendy Darling

Andrew McDonough as Voice of Danny

Roger Rees as Voice of Edward

Spencer Breslin as Voice of Cubby

Bradley Pierce as Voice of Nibs

Quinn Beswick as Voice of Slightly

Aaron Spann as Voice of Twins

Dan Castellaneta as Additional Voice

Jim Cummings as Additional Voice

Rob Paulsen as Additional Voice

Clive Revill as Additional Voice

Frank Welker as Additional Voice

Wally Wingert as Additional Voice

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