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Return From Witch Mountain


Released 1978

John Hough = Director

Ron Miller = Producer

Jerome Courtland = Producer

Kevin Corcoran = Associate Producer

Bette Davis as Letha

Christopher Lee as Victor

Kim Richards as Tia

Ike Eisenmann as Tony

Jack Soo as Mr. Yokomoto

Anthony James as Sickle

Richard 'Dick' Bakalyan as Eddie

Ward Costello as Mr. Clearcole

Christian Juttner as Dazzler

Brad Savage as Muscles

Poindexter (Yothers) as Crusher

Jeffrey Jacquet as Rocky

Stu Gilliam as Dolan

William H. Bassett as Operations Officer

Tom Scott as Monitor

Helene Winston as Dowager

Albert Able as Engineer

Denver Pyle as Uncle Bene

Brian Part as Goon #1

Bob Yothers as Cop

Ruth Warshawsky as Lady in Car

Pierre Daniel as Goon #2

Casse Jaeger as School Patrolman

Adam Anderson as Man in Museum

Wally Brooks as Taxi Fare

Larry Marmorstein as Guard #1

Rosemary Lord as Woman in Museum

Mel Gold as Security Guard

Bob James as Gate Guard

Lloyd Nelson as Museum Guard

Ted Noose as Policeman

Wally K. Berns as Man in Car

Gary Owens as Voice of Newscaster (uncredited)

Adam Roarke as Museum Security Guard (uncredited)

Ted Duncan as Stuntperson

Bobby Porter as Stuntperson

Carey Loftin as Stuntperson

A. J. Bakunas as Stuntperson

May Boss as Stuntperson

Donna Hall as Stuntperson

Bob Harris as Stuntperson

Norman Mont-Eton as Stuntperson

Tony Brubaker as Stuntperson

Jerry Brutsche as Stuntperson

Gary Davis as Stuntperson

Bob Drake as Stuntperson

Richard Drown as Stuntperson

Larry Dunn as Stuntperson

Bud Ekins as Stuntperson

Gary Epper as Stuntperson

Beau Gibson as Stuntperson

Norris Maxwell as Stuntperson

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