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The Road


Released 2009

John Hillcoat = Director

Nick Wechsler = Producer

Paula Mae Schwartz = Producer

Steve Schwartz = Producer

Mike Upton = Co-Producer

Erik Hodge = Co-Producer

Todd Wagner = Executive Producer

Mark Cuban = Executive Producer

Marc Butan = Executive Producer

Rudd Simmons = Executive Producer

Viggo Mortensen as Man

Kodi Smit-McPhee as Boy

Robert Duvall as Old Man

Guy Pearce as Veteran

Molly Parker as Motherly Woman

Michael Kenneth Williams as Thief

Garret Dillahunt as Gang Member

Charlize Theron as Woman

Bob Jennings as Bearded Man

Agnes Herrmann as Archer's Woman

Buddy Sosthand as Archer & Stuntperson

Kirk Brown as Bearded Face

Jack Erdie as Bearded Man #2

David August Lindauer as Man On Mattress

Gina Preciado as Well Fed Woman

Mary Rawson as Well Fed Woman #2

Jeremy Ambler as Man In Cellar #1 (uncredited)

Chaz Moneypenny as Man In Cellar #2 (uncredited)

Aaron Bernard as Militant (uncredited)

Kacey Byrne-Houser as Woman In Cellar (uncredited)

Jarrod DiGiorgi as Well Fed Man (uncredited)

Paul Hodge as Militant (uncredited)

Nick Pasqual as Militant (uncredited)

Paul J. Rosenburg as Cannibal (uncredited)

Brenna Roth as Road Gang Member (uncredited)

Mark Tierno as Baby Eater (uncredited)

Jeremy Fry as Stuntperson

Bobby Porter as Stuntperson

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