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Released 1991

Don Bluth = Director

Gary Goldman = Co-Director

Dan Kuenster = Co-Director

Don Bluth = Producer

Gary Goldman = Producer

John Pomeroy = Producer

John Quested = Executive Producer

Morris F. Sullivan = Executive Producer

Sorrell Booke as Voice of Pinky, The Manager

Glen Campbell as Voices of Chanticleer & The King

Eddie Deezen as Voice of Snipes

Sandy Duncan as Voice of Peepers

Toby Scott Ganger as Edmond

Ellen Greene as Voice of Goldie

Phil Harris as Voices of Narrator & Patou

Christian Hoff as Scott, Edmond's Brother

Kathryn Holcomb as Dory, Mother

Stan Ivar as Frank, Dad

Jason Marin as Mark, Edmond's Brother

Charles Nelson Reilly as Voice of Hunch, Duke's Nephew

Christopher Plummer as Voice of Grand Duke

Will Ryan as Voice of Stuey

Dee Wallace as Voice of Mother

Louise Chamis as Voice of Minnie Rabbit

Bob Galaco as Voice of Radio Announcer

Jake Steinfeld as Voices of Farmyard Bully & Max the Bouncer

T. J. Kuenster as Voice of Grand Duke's Owls (uncredited)

Jim Doherty as Voice of Grand Duke's Owls (uncredited)

John Drummond as Voice of Grand Duke's Owls (uncredited)

Frank Kelly as Voice of Grand Duke's Owls (uncredited)

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