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Released 1997

Stuart Gillard = Director

Roger Birnbaum = Producer

Richard H. Prince = Co-Executive Producer

Jamie Masada = Co-Producer

Peter Safran = Co-Producer

Jon Turteltaub = Executive Producer

Oren Aviv = Executive Producer

Jonathan Glickman = Executive Producer

Harland Williams as Fred Z. Randall

Jessica Lundy as Julie Ford

William Sadler as 'Wild Bill' Overbeck

Jeffrey DeMunn as Paul Wick

James Pickens Jr. as Ben Stevens

Beau Bridges as Bud Nesbitt

Peter Onorati as Gary Hackman

Don Lake as Flight Surgeon

William Arthur Jenkins as Mission Controller

Ken Farmer as Mission Controller

Blake Boyd as Gordon A. Peacock

Brandon Kaplan as Young Fred

Paxton Whitehead as British Reporter

Don Armstrong as Anchorman

Pamela West as Nun

Marjorie Carroll as Nun

Claire Birnbaum as School Kid #1

Sean Tweedley as NASA Lab Tech

Cindy Hogan as Reporter

Felicia Griffin as Reporter

Lidia Porto as Gary's Nurse

Richard Dillard as The President

Gil Glasgow as Bartender

Anderson Moore as Dancing Double

Raven as Ulysees

Edie Mir as Voice of Chimp

Newell Alexander as ADR Voice

Rosemary Alexander as ADR Voice

Kirk Bailey as ADR Voice

Steve Bulen as ADR Voice

Joe Chapman as ADR Voice

Sherry Hursey as ADR Voice

Tommy Lamey as ADR Voice

Don Maxwell as ADR Voice

Paul Pape as ADR Voice

Bridget Sienna as ADR Voice

Claudette Wells as ADR Voice

Franklin Chang-Diaz as NASA Scientist (uncredited)

Bryan Lee McGlothin as Mission Controler (uncredited)

Charlotte Biggs as Astronaut & Bar Patron (uncredited)

Dale Wade Davis as NASA Colonel (uncredited)

Shelley Duvall as Mrs. Randall (uncredited)

Al Hayter as Nasa Tech (uncredited)

Michael Honig as Mission Control (Extra) (uncredited)

C. Anthony Jackson as Mission Controller (uncredited)

Gene Kato as Nasa Technician (uncredited)

Alan Martin as Stand In (uncredited)

Brent Mitchell as NASA Lab Tech (uncredited)

Tony Myrick as Bar Patron (uncredited)

Gailard Sartain as Mr. Randall (uncredited)

Verne Troyer as Stuntperson

Ben Loggins as Stuntperson

Rosa Collins as Stuntperson

Stephanie Norris as Stuntperson

Randy Fife as Stuntperson

David Sanders as Stuntperson

Jody Haselbarth as Stuntperson

Gary Stone as Stuntperson

Jim Henry as Stuntperson

Diane Towery as Stuntperson

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