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Romeo Must Die


Released 2000

Andrzej Bartkowiak = Director

Joel Silver = Producer

Jim Van Wyck = Producer

Ilyse A. Reutlinger = Associate Producer

Mitchell Kapner = Associate Producer

Warren Carr = Co-Producer

Dan Cracchiolo = Executive Producer

Jet Li as Han Sing

Aaliyah as Trish O'Day

Isaiah Washington as Mac

Russell Wong as Kai

DMX as Silk

Delroy Lindo as Isaak O'Day

D. B. Woodside as Colin O'Day

Henry O as Ch'u Sing

Jon Kit Lee as Po Sing

Edoardo Ballerini as Vincent Roth

Anthony Anderson as Maurice

Matthew Harrison as Dave, Roth's Assistant

Terry Chen as Kung

Derek Lowe as Chinese Messenger

Ronin Wong as New Prisoner

Byron Lawson as Head Guard, Hsing Kang Prison

Kendall Saunders as Colin's Girlfriend

Benz Antoine as Crabman

Keith Dallas as Bouncer as Silk's

Taayla Markell as Po's Girlfriend

Chang Tseng as Victor Ho

Tong Lung as Overlord

Richard Yee as Overlord

Colin Foo as Overlord

Lance Gibson as Doorman

Grace Park as Asian Dancer

Jennifer Wong as Asian Dancer

Manoj Sood as Ahkbar, Cab Driver

Fatima Robinson as Lori

Gaston Howard as Maurice's Crew

Clay Donahue Fontenot as Maurice's Crew

Ryan Jefferson Lowe as Young Po

Jonross Fong as Young Han

Alonso Oyarzun as Alonso

Samuel Scantlebury as Paperboy

Francoise Yip as Motorcycle Fighter

Alvin Sanders as Calvin the Barber

William S. Taylor as Harold, Calvin's Customer

Morgan Reynolds as Morgan

David Kopp as Delivery Man at Calvin's Cuts

Aaron Joseph as Kid in Boutique

William MacDonald as Officer

Oliver Svensson-Tan as Gate Guard

Candice McClure as Store Clerk

W. J. Waters as Hardware Store Clerk

Cesar Abraham as Park Bench Kid

Jerry Grant as Bartender

Tonjha Richardson as Store Clerk

Chic Gibson as Mitchell Cab Driver

Jody Vance as Jody Vance, Sportscaster

Perry Solkowski as Perry, the Anchorman

Ann Gwathmey as Shopper

Lloyd Adams as Stuntperson

Dean Choe as Stuntperson

Darren Choo as Stuntperson

Craig Hosking as Stuntperson

Tony Morelli as Stuntperson

Melissa R. Stubbs as Stuntperson

Paul Wu as Stuntperson

Ernie Jackson as Stuntperson

Cotton Mather as Stuntperson

Mike Mitchell as Stuntperson

Rick Seaman as Stuntperson

Ronald Robinson as Stuntperson

Jamie Jones as Stuntperson

Larry Lam as Stuntperson

Darryl Quon as Stuntperson

David Soo as Stuntperson

Chiu Huen 'Dee Dee' Ku as Stuntperson

Betty Thomas as Stuntperson

John Ulmer as Stuntperson

Gregg Smrz as Stuntperson

Jim Stephan as Stuntperson

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