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Running Man


Released 1987

Paul Michael Glaser = Director

Tim Zinnemann = Producer

George Linder = Producer

Keith Barish = Executive Producer

Rob Cohen = Executive Producer

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Ben Richards

Maria Conchita Alonso as Amber Mendez

Yaphet Kotto as William Laughlin

Jim Brown as Fireball

Jesse Ventura as Captain Freedom

Erland van Lidth as Dynamo

Marvin J. McIntyre as Harold Weiss

Bernard Gus Rethwisch as Buzzsaw

Professor Toru Tanaka as Subzero

Mick Fleetwood as Mic

Dweezil Zappa as Stevie

Richard Dawson as Damon Killian

Karen Leigh Hopkins as Brenda

Sven-Ole Thorsen as Sven

Edward Bunker as Lenny

Bryan Kestner as Med Tech

Anthony Penya (Pena) as Valdez

Kurt Fuller as Tony

Kennneth Lerner as Agent

Dey Young as Amy

Rodger Bumpass as Voice of Phil Hilton

Dona Hardy as Mrs. McArdle

Lynne Marie Stewart as Edith Wiggins

Bill Margolin as Leon

Anthony Brubaker as Soldier #1 & Fireball Stunt Double

Joel Kramer as Soldier #2 & Ben Richards Stunt Double

Billy D. Lucas as Soldier #3

George P. Wilbur as Lieutenant Saunders

Thomas Rosales Jr. as Chico

Sondra Holt as Suzie Checkpoint

Daniel Celario as Barrio Foreman #1

Mario Celario as Barrio Foreman #2

Sidney Chankin as Custodian

Kim Pawlik as Newscaster

Roger Kern as Travel Pass Guard

Barbara Lux as Elderly Lady

Franco Columbu as 911 Security Officer #2

Lin Shaye as Propaganda Officer

Boyd R. Kestner as Yuppie Yeller

Wayne Grace as 911 Security Officer #1

Charlie Phillips as Teenage Punk

Greg Lewis as Manager Locker Room

John William James as Barrio Bettor

Jon Cutler as Underground Tech

Kerry (Wall) Brennan as Dancer

Paula Brown as Dancer

Megan Gallivan as Dancer

Suzie Hardy as Dancer

Debby Harris as Dancer

Melissa Hurley as Dancer

Marlene Lange as Dancer

Morgan Lawley as Dancer

Cindy Millican as Dancer

Andrea Moen as Dancer

Mary Ann Oedy as Dancer

Karen Owens as Dancer

Sharon Owens as Dancer

Pamela Rossi as Dancer

Mia Togo as Dancer

Maureen Flaherty as Player (uncredited)

Sandy Holt as Woman in Airport (uncredited)

Jon McBride as Locker Room Viewer (uncredited)

Mel Scott-Thomas as Laughlin Stunt Double

Jeff Jensen as Buzzsaw & Dynamo Stunt Double

Shawn Patrick Lane as Weiss Stunt Double

Karen Price as Amber Stunt Double

Al Cleland as Subzero Stunt Double

Erik Cord as Killian Stunt Double

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