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Rush Hour 3


Released 2007

Brett Ratner = Director

Arthur M. Sarkissian = Producer

Roger Birnbaum = Producer

Jay Stern = Producer

Jonathan Glickman = Producer

Andrew Z. Davis = Producer

David A. Gorder = Associate Producer

Darryl Jones = Associate Producer

James M. Freitag = Co-Producer

Leon Dudevoir = Co-Producer

Toby Emmerich = Executive Producer

Chris Tucker as Carter

Jackie Chan as Lee

Max von Sydow as Reynard

Hiroyuki Sanada as Kenji

Yvan Attal as George

Youki Kudoh as Dragon Lady

Noémie Lenoir as Genevieve

Zhang Jingchu as Soo Yung

Tzi Ma as Ambassador Han

Dana Ivey as Sister Agnes

Henry O as Master Yu

Mia Tyler as Marsha

Michael Chow as Chinese Foreign Minister

David Niven Jr. as British Foreign Minister

Oanh Nguyen as Mi

Andrew Quang as Kung Fu Kid

Sun Ming Ming as Kung Fu Giant

Lisa Thornhill as Nurse

M. Kentaro as French Assassin

Ludovic Paris as French Cop

Richard Dieux as French Cop

Olivier Schneider as French Cop

Philippe Bergeron as Baccarat Dealer

Daniel Yabut as Croupier

Frank Bruynbroek as Bartender

Lisa Piepergerdes as Falling Woman

Eric Naggar as Front Desk Man

Silvie Laguna as Elevator Woman

Micaelle Mee-Sook as Chinese Waitress

Daniel Decrauze as Singing Guitarist

Ann Christine as Dressing Room Girl

Anna Chiu as Dressing Room Girl

Heather Mostofizadeh as Dressing Room Girl

Jasmine Dustin as Dressing Room Girl

Francesca C. Cecil as Dressing Room Girl

David Goldsmith as Clown

Michel Francini as Old Man on Balcony

Julie Depardieu as George's Wife

Hoang Nghi (Marc Hoang) as Eiffel Tower Lookout

Lisa Byrnes as Follies Dancer

Melissa Cabrera as Follies Dancer

Mandy Coulton as Follies Dancer

R. J. Durell as Follies Dancer

Catherine Ferrino as Follies Dancer

Loriel Hennington as Follies Dancer

Rachel Markarian as Follies Dancer

Jaayda McClanahan as Follies Dancer

Ann Beth Miller as Follies Dancer

Victoria Parsons as Follies Dancer

Vanessa Tarazona as Follies Dancer

Laetitia Ray as Follies Dancer

Tovaris Wilson as Follies Dancer

Diana Carr as Gendarmes Dancer

Noa Dori as Gendarmes Dancer

Kayla McGee as Gendarmes Dancer

Tanja Plecas as Gendarmes Dancer

Kristin Quinn as Gendarmes Dancer

Liliya Toneva as Gendarmes Dancer

Don Abernathy as Dignitary, Limo Driver & Protester (uncredited)

Gia Bay as Dressing Room Girl (uncredited)

Flynn Beck as French Saloon Girl (uncredited)

Hélène Cardona as Voice of Stewardess (uncredited)

Alexandra Choi as U.N. Woman (uncredited)

Libby Clearfield as Follies Patron (uncredited)

Richard Joel Cohen as Baccarat Dealer (uncredited)

Arnaud Collery as Casino Scene Playboy (uncredited)

Elaine Anne Furst as US Delegate (uncredited)

Lon Haber as French Taxi Driver (uncredited)

Philip Baker Hall as Captain William Diel (uncredited)

Richard Hotson as ICU Cop #1 (uncredited)

Alexander Kanellakos as WCC Security Officer Wolfe (uncredited)

Silvy Kas as Dressing Room Girl (uncredited)

Kent Kasper as Foreign Minister (uncredited)

Kainoa Kilcher as Kung Fu Student (uncredited)

Xihuaru Kilcher as Kung fu Student (uncredited)

Vera Kopp as Dressing Room Girl (uncredited)

Kathryn Le as Dressing Room Girl (uncredited)

James LeQuang as Kung Fu Student (uncredited)

Jill Maddrell as Casino Guest (uncredited)

Julie Michaels as French Patron (uncredited)

Angel Monroe as News Reporter (uncredited)

Hash Patel as Afghanistan Ambassador (uncredited)

David Pearl as Security Guard (uncredited)

Evelina Pereira as Foreign Minister (uncredited)

Roman Polanski as Detective Revi (uncredited)

Alberti Popaj as Waiter (uncredited)

John Robert as Protester (uncredited)

Sahlima as Follies Patron (uncredited)

Sarah Shahi as Zoe (uncredited)

Dee Shiver as Protestor (uncredited)

Noush Skaugen as Casino Guest (uncredited)

Arne Starr as Man (uncredited)

Don Tai as Triad (uncredited)

Tina Tsunoda as Waitress (uncredited)

Wendy Wells-Gunkel as Night Club Patron (uncredited)

Kelley Whilden as Showgirl (uncredited)

Maria Zambrana as Photographer (uncredited)

Aaron Toney as Carter Stunt Double

Ousaum Elam as Carter Stunt Double

Horace Knight as Carter Stunt Double

Robert Juaregui as Reynard Stunt Double

Christopher Amy as Reynard Stunt Double

Jing Li as Dragon Lady Stunt Double

Ming Qiu as Dragon Lady Stunt Double

Lauren Mary Kim as Soo Yung Stunt Double

Dana Reed as Soo Yung Stunt Double

Melissa R. Stubbs as Zoe Stunt Double

Mary Albee as Marsha Stunt Double

Philip Tan as French Assassin Stunt Double

Guanhua Han as Stuntperson

In Seob Lee as Stuntperson

Andrew Owen as Stuntperson

Hyun Jin Park as Stuntperson

Gang Wu as Stuntperson

Peng Zhang as Stuntperson

Shane Anderson as Stuntperson

Kathryn M. Anderson-Palmisano as Stuntperson

Matt Baker as Stuntperson

Bruce Paul Barbour as Stuntperson

Ken Bates as Stuntperson

Craig Baxley as Stuntperson

Gary Baxley as Stuntperson

Troy Bellinghausen as Stuntperson

Darryl Chan as Stuntperson

George Cheung as Stuntperson

Arnold Chon as Stuntperson

Alex Daniels as Stuntperson

Thomas Dewier as Stuntperson

Tim Drnec as Stuntperson

Jayson Dumenigo as Stuntperson

Courtney Farnsworth as Stuntperson

Gary Feil as Stuntperson

Brent Fletcher as Stuntperson

Tom Shawn Foley as Stuntperson

Jeff Galpin as Stuntperson

J. Armin Garza II as Stuntperson

Jack Gill as Stuntperson

Tanner Gill as Stuntperson

Sean Graham as Stuntperson

Terra A. Grant as Stuntperson

John Jude Haggerty as Stuntperson

Jimmy Hart as Stuntperson

Julien Heron as Stuntperson

Norm Howell as Stuntperson

Yoshio Iizuka as Stuntperson

Mike Johnson as Stuntperson

Sang Koo Kang as Stuntperson

Anton Kasabov as Stuntperson

Hubie Kerns Jr. as Stuntperson

Zack Kerns as Stuntperson

Hiro Koda as Stuntperson

Tony Lazzara as Stuntperson

Will Leong as Stuntperson

James Lew as Stuntperson

Michael Li as Stuntperson

Sam Looc as Stuntperson

Mike Massa as Stuntperson

Ed Mathews as Stuntperson

Matt McBride as Stuntperson

Julie Michaels as Stuntperson

Meg Miller as Stuntperson

John Moio as Stuntperson

Bonnie Morgan as Stuntperson

Gary Morgan as Stuntperson

Eric Norris as Stuntperson

Mike Norris as Stuntperson

Victory Grace Palmisano as Stuntperson

Monte Rex Perlin as Stuntperson

Chuck Picerni Jr. as Stuntperson

Charlie Picerni as Stuntperson

Steve Picerni as Stuntperson

Pee Wee Piemonte as Stuntperson

Jon Conrad Pochron as Stuntperson

Simon Rhee as Stuntperson

Jimmy N. Roberts III as Stuntperson

John Robotham as Stuntperson

Mike Ryan as Stuntperson

Rick Sawaya as Stuntperson

Monty L. Simons as Stuntperson

Russell Solberg as Stuntperson

Philip Solomon as Stuntperson

Mark Stefanich as Stuntperson

Don Tai Theerathada as Stuntperson

Frank Torres as Stuntperson

Jim Vickers as Stuntperson

Rich Volp as Stuntperson

Kaye Wade as Stuntperson

Shelly Ward as Stuntperson

Merritt Yohnka as Stuntperson

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