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Highlander - Who Wants To Live Forever - Techno Mix 4.43MB
Men In black Theme 3.44MB
Army Of Darkness Techno 1.20MB
Fifth Element - Full Diva's Opera 4.32MB
Judge Dredd Techno 4.42MB
Men In Black - Movie Theme 2.71MB
Terminator 2 Techno 4.07MB
Terminator 1 Theme 3.92MB
Terminator 2 Theme 1.82MB
Rave - Tomb Raider Theme 2.51MB
RoboCop Theme Techno 5.44MB
The Fifth Element Theme 2.94MB
Chinese Drinking Game - Shanghai Noon 1.81MB
The Mummy Movie Theme 7.23MB
Chinese Burn (Forbidden City Remix) 6.18MB
Van Helsing Theme 2.45MB
Mission Impossible Techno Remix 3.15MB
Beetlejuice Movie Theme 4.75MB
James Bond Original Theme 4.00MB
Shrek Movie Theme 742KB
Jurassic Park Theme 3.08MB
Willow Movie Theme 3.69MB
Shanghai Noon - Say Hello To The Tribe 2.72MB
Shanghai Noon - Journey Of The Imperial Guard 1.84MB
Danger Zone Techno 3.30MB
Space Jam Techno 4.35MB
Fast And The Furious Techno 3.03MB
Top Gun Theme Techno 2.53MB
Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves Theme Techno 2.44MB
Uncle Kracker - Shanghai Noon 5.84MB
Pirates Of the Carribean Overture 2.87MB
Blade 2 - Danny Saber & Marco Beltrami 3.48MB
Braveheart - For The Love Of A Princess - James Horner 3.81MB
Braveheart - Celtic Cry - James Horner 3.54MB
Brother Bear - Tina Turner - Great Spirits 4.66MB
Casper - One Last Wish - James Horner 2.96MB
Cheech & Chong/Up In Smoke - Battle of the Bands 2.38MB
Cheech & Chong/Up In Smoke - Big Green Van 3.40MB
Dare Devil - Fade Out In - Paloalto 4.97MB
Dare Devil - Breathe In - Paloalto 5.12MB
Elektra - Chris Spheeris 6.17MB
Elektra - Kingdom In The Clouds - Chris Spheeris 5.93MB
Elektra - Culture - Chris Spheeris 5.81MB
Elektra - Bombay - Chris Spheeris 6.03MB
Elektra - The Stone Warrior - Chris Spheeris 5.78MB
Fern Gully - Batty Rap 2.62MB
Garfield Movie - Holla - Baha Men 2.95MB
Goldeneye - Tina Turner 6.49MB
Fievel Goes West - Dreams To Dream - James Horner 2.35MB
Harry Potter - Double Trouble 3.71MB
Harry Potter Theme - John Williams 6.12MB
Hellboy - Hellboy & Liz 4.43MB
Hellboy - So Cold - Breaking Benjamin 4.17MB
Hellboy - Father's Funeral - Marco Beltrami 3.33MB
Hellboy - Main Title - Marco Beltrami 1.82MB
Hellboy - Fireproof - Marco Beltrami 1.44MB
Hellboy - Red Right Hand - Nick Cave 7.07MB
Ice Age - Why Can't We Be Friends - Smash Mouth 4.36MB
Ice Age - Send Me On My Way - Rusted Roots 4.04MB
Jumanji - Suite - James Horner 8.29MB
Lion King 2 - He Lives In You 4.44MB
The Land Before Time - James Horner 9.69MB
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome - We Don't Need Another Hero - Tina Turner 4.45MB
Monsters Inc. - Theme 2.47MB
Monsters Inc. - If I Didn't Have You 4.22MB
National Treasure - Arrival At The National Archives 2.63MB
National Treasure - Spectacles Discovery 4.53MB
National Treasure - Chase - Trevor Rabin 6.00MB
Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves - Main Title 2.86MB
Scooby Doo - Baha Men 3.99MB
Spy Kids - Cruel World - Floop's Song 1.13MB
Spy Kids - Main Title 4.83MB
Spy Kids - Isle Of Dreams - Alexa Vega 3.76MB
Titanic - My Heart Will Go On (music only) - James Horner 11.4MB
Titanic - My Heart Will Go On (words) - James Horner 5.96MB
Shrek - Best Years Of Our Lives - Baha Men 6.82MB
Shrek - Makes Me Wanna Dance - Baha Men 4.75MB
Shrek 2 - Accidentally In Love - Counting Crows 4.97MB
Shrek - I'm A Believer - Smash Mouth 7.37MB
Shrek's Karaoke Dance Party 2.41MB
Shrek - All Star - Smash Mouth 7.83MB
Shrek 2 - I Need Some Sleep - Eels 3.34MB
Shrek - You Belong To Me - Lifehouse - Jason Wade 3.68MB
Shrek - Butterfly Boucher - David Bowie 5.61MB
Shrek - Pina Colada 4.20MB
Shrek - Hallelujah - Rufus Wainwright 5.68MB
Shrek - Who Let The Dogs Out - Baha Men 4.52MB
Shrek - SHREK The Halls 1.24MB
Shrek - So Happy Together - The Turtles 6.73MB
Shrek - We Wish You A Merry Christmas 940KB
Shrek - I'm On My Way 3.41MB
Shrek 2 - As Lovers Go - Dashboard Confessional 7.96MB
Shrek 2 - Holding Out For A Hero 6.30MB
Shrek 2 - You're So True - Joseph Arthur 5.38MB
Shrek 2 - People - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds 7.78MB
Shrek 2 - Fairy Godmother's Song 2.57MB
Shrek 2 - Livin La Vida Loca - Puss and Donkey 5.77MB
Shrek - Merry Men (Robin Hood) 848KB
Shrek - It Is You I Haved Loved - Dana Glover 5.44MB
Shrek - I Like Big Big Butts - Donkey 4.04MB
Shrek - Welcome To Duloc 640KB
Shrek 2 - Funky Town 9.09MB
Shrek 2 - True Love's First Kiss 3.61MB
Xmen - Moby - Alone 4.07MB
REM - Losing My Religion - Xmen Mix 4.98MB
Gambit - Xmen VS Streetfighter 962KB
Techno - Disney Mulan - Kung Fu Fighting (Dance Remix) 3.07MB
Theme - Xmen - Techno 3.61MB
Xmen Soundtrack - Logan & Rogue 5.45MB
Xmen Movie - You Have The Power - Dark City 11.1MB
Xmen Soundtrack - Ambush - Michael Kamen 4.71MB
Xmen VS Streetfighter - Wolverine's Theme 1.41MB


Star Wars Theme 19.2KB
Little Mermaid - Under The Sea 55.9KB
Axel 24.9KB


Harry Potter Choir Practice 3.15MB


Rogue : You look as nervous as a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs. 31.4KB
Rogue : Let's all go for a mmmmm midnight swim. 29.6KB
Rogue : Ya'll outta learn how to behave. 22.0KB
Rogue : Ain't that enough. 16.0KB
Rogue : This ain't Cajun country hon, puck those lips. 26.2KB
Rogue : Come on pretty boy, make a girl feel welcome. 25.4KB
Wolverine : Lousy luck 13.7KB
Wolverine : I go where I wanna go. 28.2KB
Wolverine : Let's do it. 10.1KB
Wolverine : I'm kickin' this maggot outta here one way or the other. 38.6KB
Wolverine : You wouln't leave without saying goodby. 17.5KB
Wolverine : You sure pick weird places to hang out. 26.2KB
Wolverine : I always did think I was kinda cute, nice of you to mention it. 37.2KB
Wolverine : Good 14.6KB
Wolverine : Stop the philosphy, let's go kick his butt. 36.3KB
Wolverine : Careful what you ask for ol' buddy, it just might come true. 56.7KB


Buzz Lightyear & Wood clip 980KB
Buzz Lightyear: Don't even think about it Cowboy. 17.8KB
Buzz Lightyear: I am Buzz Lightyear. I come in pleace. 28.8KB
Buzz Lightyear: I am Buzz Lightyear, Space Ranger, Universe Protection Unit. 33.9KB
Buzz Lightyear: Buzz Lightyear to Star Command. Come In Star Command. 29.7KB
Buzz Lightyear: To infinity and beyond. 29.3KB
Buzz Lightyear: You're mockimg me, aren't you. 15.6KB
Arnold Schwarzenegger: I'll be back. 13.6KB
Arnold Schwarzenegger: If it bleeds, we can kill it. 25.5KB
Clint Eastwood: Go ahead, make my day. 31.5KB
Rhett Butler: Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. 46.9KB
Will Smith/Independence Day: I have got to get me one of these! 24.1KB
Dar/Beastmaster: I've always been told my abilities with animals is uncommon. 366KB
Maax/Beastmaster: I defy this false prophecy. 32.3KB
Seth/Beastmaster: We must fight! No, we must flee! 49.2KB
Dar/Beastmaster: They are a part of me. 318KB
Beastmaster Theme 226KB
Maax/Beastmaster: Seth, you're unborn son has returned to fulfill the prophecy. 473KB
Seth/Beastmaster: He's a friend... he's the Beastmaster. 64.6KB
Dar's Father/Beastmaster: Dar, the Gods have put this mark on you. 789KB
Dar's Father & Dar/Beastmaster: Kayba. Show me. 306KB
Kiri & Dar/Beastmaster: Please, you must come with us. I can't leave without my little ones. 86.1KB
Dar's Father/Beastmaster: What happened here today must never be known. 888KB