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Scooby Doo, Monsters Unleashed Cast

Released 2004

Freddie Prinze Jr. as Fred

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Daphne

Matthew Lillard as Shaggy

Linda Cardellini as Velma

Seth Green as Patrick

Peter Boyle as Old Man Wickles

Tim Blake Nelson as Jacobo

Alicia Silverstone as Heather

Neil Fanning as Scooby-Doo (Voice)

Pat O'Brien as Himself

Bill Meilen as Chauffeur

Zahf Paroo as Ned

Christopher Gauthier as Daphne's Tattooed Fan #1

Peter New as Daphne's Tattooed Fan #2

Morgan Brayton as Mullet Nerdette #1

Lisa Ann Beley as Mullet Nerdette #2

Tara Fynn as Mullet Nerdette #3

Joe MacLeod as Skater Dude #1

Brandon Jay McLaren as Skater Dude #2

Aaron Ydenberg as Skater Dude #3

Lou Bollo as Flashback Security Guard #1

John Ulmer as Flashback Security Guard #2

Bradley Gosnell as Kid on Bike #1

Calum Worthy as Kid on Bike #2

Brenna O'Brien as Buttercup Scout

Mark Burgess as Man in Suit

Kwesi Ameyaw as Man in Suit

Ted Kozma as Museum Guard

Darrell Lee-Izeard as Museum Guard

Stephen E. Miller as C.L. Magnus

Karin Konoval as Aggie Wilkins

Paul Jamieson as Scared Man

Andrew McIlroy as Investor

Colin Foo as Investor

Andrew Jackson as Man In Car

Nazanin Afshin-Jam as Shaggy Chick

Cascy Beddow as Young Shaggy

Emily Tennant as Young Daphne

Ryan Vrba as Young Fred

Lauren Kennedy as Young Velma

Jeff Tanner as Harry Lang

Alan C. Peterson as Faux Ghost Patron

Dan Joffre as Faux Ghost Patron

Richard Dietl as Pickle Man/Faux Ghost Patron

Bill Mondy as Vomit Reporter

Kimani Ray Smith as Reporter #1

Catherine Lough Haggquist as Reporter #2

Ingrid Torrance as Reporter #3

Tiffani Timms as Reporter #4

Tazmanian Devil as Himself

Scott McNeil as Evil Masked Figure

Kevin Durand as Black Knight Ghost

C. Ernst Harth as Miner 49er

Christopher R. Sumpton as Zombie

Ruben Studdard as Himself

Breanna English as Dancer

Chantel Hunt as Dancer

Harj Rai as Dancer

Angie Bell as Dancer

Andrea Loftus as Dancer

Ferdinand Tocol as Dancer

Mary Lou Brien as Dancer

Leigh Hilary as Dancer

Alex Pesusich as Dancer

Alex Lee as Dancer

Richard O'Sullivan as Dancer

Joanne Pesusich as Dancer

Hayley Oakes as Dancer

Michael Brown as Band (as Big Brovaz)

Cherise Roberts as Band (as Big Brovaz)

Nadia Shepherd as Band (as Big Brovaz)

Dion Howell as Band (as Big Brovaz)

Temi Tayo Aisida as Band (as Big Brovaz)

John Paul Horsley as Band (as Big Brovaz)

Everick Golding as Bass Player

Aaron Clyke as Guitar Player

Karen Holness as Keyboard Player

Doron Bell Jr. as Drum Player

Dee Bradley Baker as 10,000 Volt Ghost/Zombie/Red Eye Skeleton (Voice)

Bob Papenbrook as Black Knight (Voice)

Michael J. Sorich as Tar Monster/Cotton Candy Glob (Voice)

Terrence Stone as 10,000 Volt Ghost (Voice)

J.P. Manoux as Scooby Brainiac (Voice)

Wally Wingert as Green Eye Skeleton (Voice)

Ian Abercrombie as Brainiac (Voice) (Uncredited)

Paul Becker as The Ghost Clown (Uncredited)

Sandra-Jessica Couturier as Shaggy's Hysterical Fan (Uncredited)

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