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Shanghai Knights Cast

Released 2003

Jackie Chan as Chon Wang

Owen Wilson as Roy O'Bannon

Fann Wong as Chon Lin

Aaron Johnson as Charlie Chaplin

Aidan Gillen as Lord Nelson Rathbone

Thomas 'Tom' Fisher as Artie Doyle

Donnie Yen as Wu Chow

Oliver Cotton as Jack the Ripper

Alison King as Prostitute

Constantine Gregory as The Mayor

Jonathan Harvey as Fagin #1

Richard Haas as Street Preacher

Anna-Louise Plowman as Debutante #1

Georgina Chapman as Debutante #2

John Owens as Server

Richard Bremmer as Master at Arms

Kim Chan as Chon Wang's Father

Gemma Jones as Queen Victoria

Eric Meyers as Front Desk Clerk

Daisy Beaumont as Cigarette Girl

Stephen Fisher as Head Waiter

Matt Hill as Deputy

Terry Howson as Shotgun

Ryan James as Waiter

Charlie G. Hawkins as Newspaper Boy

>Barry Stanton as Lord Chancellor

Matthew Storey as Fagin #2

Tom Wu as Lead Boxer Liu

Vincent Wang as Imperial Guard

Gerard Whelan as Rathbone Guard

Rene Hajek as Rathbone Guard #2

Ho Ban Le as Palace Guard #1

Van Hai Bui as Palace Guard

Vladimír Hrbek as Old Man with Cane

Jiri Mojzis as Old Couple, Man

Marta Andresova as Old Couple, Woman

David Listvan as Palace Guard with Rifle

Petra Jezkova as Toothless Flower Girl

Barbara (Barbora) Nedeljakova as Debutante #3

Eva Ruzicka as Debutante #4

Hanka Scudlova as Cleopatra Model

Hana Jouzova as Harpist

Tom Klar as Quartet

Jan Petrik as Quartet

Milolas Cech as Quartet

Karel Urban as Quartet

David Decio as American Tourist (Uncredited)

James Embree as Street Thug (Uncredited)

Scott Hinds as Civilian & Queens Guard (Uncredited)

Don Rockall as Man with suitcase at train station (Uncredited)

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