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Shanghai Noon Cast

Released 2000

Jackie Chan as Chon Wang

Owen Wilson as Roy O'Bannon

Lucy Liu as Princess Pei Pei

Brandon Merrill as Falling Leaves

Roger Yuan as Lo Fong

Xander Berkeley as Nathan Van Cleef

Rongguang Yu as Imperial Guard

Ya Hi Cui as Imperial Guard

Eric Chen as Imperial Guard

Jason Connery as Calvin Andrews

Walton Goggins as Wallace

P. Adrien Dorval as Blue

Rafael Baez as Vasquez

Stacy Grant as Hooker in Distress

Kate Luyben as Fifi, Carson City Hooker

Henry O as Royal Interpreter, Wang's Uncle

Russell Badger as Sioux Chief

Simon Baker as Little Feather

Sam Simon as Chief's Sidekick

Alan C. Peterson as Saddle Rock Sheriff

Rad Daly as Saddle Rock Deputy

Lee Jay Bamberry as Van Cleef Deputy

Stephen Strachan as Van Cleef Deputy

Tim Koetting as Van Cleef Deputy

Rick Ash as Jedadiah

Valerie Planche as Jedadiah's Wife

Tom Heaton as Bull's Eye Saloon Bartender

James Baker as Bull's Eye Saloon Gambler

Jim Shield as Bull's Eye Saloon Gambler

Mike Mitchell as Bull's Eye Saloon Gambler

Shayne Wyler as Bull's Eye Saloon Gambler

Ben Slater as Saddle Rock Townfolk

Terry King as Saddle Rock Townfolk

Michelle Fansett as Saddle Rock Townfolk

Joyce Doolittle as Carson City Townfolk

Randy Birch as Carson City Townfolk

Andrew Krivanek as Carson City Townfolk

Christopher Hunt as Carson City Apothecary

Jody Thompson as Margie

Eliza Murbach as Dream Sequence Hooker

Kendall Saunders as Dream Sequence Hooker

Andrew Bosch as Train Passenger

Christy Greene as Train Passenger

Brian Gromoff as Train Passenger

Jim Finkbeiner as Train Passenger

Chang Tseng as Pei Pei's Father

Sherman Chao as Emperor's Cousin

Regent Or as Emperor

John Heywood as Saloon Cowboy

Harold Courchene as Saloon Cowboy

George Exelby as Saloon Cowboy

John Glawson as Saloon Cowboy

Howard Rothschild as Drunken Doctor

Michael Auger as Chief's Entourage

Stan Isadore as Chief's Entourage

Wacey Labelle as Chief's Entourage

Grace Lu as Chinese Water Woman

Melvin Skales as Carson City Hangman

May Louie as Opera Performer

Kar Kut Yeung as Opera Performer

Ted Lim as Opera Performer

Lun Wong Tik as Opera Performer

Chun Leung Kwai as Opera Performer

Henry Louie as Opera Performer

James Carver as Bordello Doorman

Dallas Dorchester as Blind Driver

Jason Glass as Blind Driver

Lisa Stafford as Beautiful Blonde on Train

Curtis Armstrong as Bulldog Drummond (Scenes Deleted)

Biao Yuen as Saloon fighter

Larry Lam as Railway worker (Uncredited)

Elise Lew as Chinese Worker (Uncredited)

Tong Lung as Chinese Worker (Uncredited)

>David M. Nesting as Imperial Guard (Uncredited)

Mary Neufeld as Shop Keeper (Uncredited)

Jenafor Ryane as Dream Sequence Hooker (Uncredited)

Cliff Solomon as Medicine Man (Uncredited)

Michael Tod as Kid With Tomatoes (Uncredited)

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