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Spiderman 1 Cast

Released 2002

Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man/Peter Parker

Willem Dafoe as Green Goblin/Norman Osborn

Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson

James Franco as Harry Osborn

Cliff Robertson as Ben Parker

Rosemary Harris as May Parker

J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson

Joe Manganiello as Flash Thompson

Gerry Becker as Maximilian Fargas

Bill Nunn as Joseph 'Robbie' Robertson

Jack Betts as Henry Balkan

Stanley Anderson as General Slocum

Ron Perkins as Dr. Mendell Stromm

Michael Papajohn as Carjacker

K.K. Dodds as Simkins

Ted Raimi as Hoffman

Bruce Campbell as Ring Announcer

Elizabeth Banks as Miss Brant

John Paxton as Houseman

Tim De Zarn as Philip Watson

Taylor Gilbert as Madeline Watson

Randy Savage as Bone Saw McGraw

Larry Joshua as Wrestling Promoter

Timothy Patrick Quill as Wrestling Arena Guard

Lisa Danielle as Bone-ette

Natalie T. Yeo as Bone-ette

Erica D. Porter as Bone-ette

Kristen Davidson as Bone-ette

Jason Padgett as Flash's Crony

Shan Omar Huey as Teacher

Sally Livingstone as Girl on Bus

Evan Arnold as Doctor

Jill Sayre as Nurse

James Kevin Ward as Project Coordinator

David Holcomb as Test Pilot

Octavia Spencer as Check-In Girl

Brad Grunberg as Heckler

Shane Habberstad as Little Billy

Deborah Wakeham as Billy's Mom

Rachael Bruce as Times Square Child

Mackenzie Bryce as Times Square Child

Julia Barry as Times Square Child

Macy Gray as Herself

Myk Watford as Cop at Fire

William 'Bill' Calvert as Fireman

Sylva Kelegian as Mother at Fire

Kristen Marie Holly as Young Lady at Fire

Ajay Mehta as Cabbie

Peter Appel as Cabbie

Scott Spiegel as Marine Cop

Matt Smith as Cop at Carjacking

Sara Ramirez as Cop at Carjacking

Lucy Lawless as Punk Rock Girl

Jayce Bartok as Subway Guitarist

Maribel Gonzalez as Lady Dogwalker

Amy Bouril as Office Lady

Joe D'Onofrio as Opinionated Cop

Jim Norton as Surly Truck Driver

Corey Mendell Parker as Chaperone in Tram

Ashley Louise Edner as Girl in Tram

William Joseph Firth as Boy in Tram

Alex Black as Boy in Tram

Laura Gray as Tram Group Mother

Joe Virzi as New Yorker on Bridge

Michael Edward Thomas as New Yorker on Bridge

Jeanie Fox as New Yorker on Bridge

Robert Kerman as Tugboat Captain

Ari Averbach as Dancer (Uncredited)

Joni Avery as Cop (Uncredited)

Rick Avery as Cop (Uncredited)

Margaret Baker as Punk #2 (Uncredited)

Amy Beth Bennett as Jewelry Thief #2 (Uncredited)

Brian Bennett as Doorman (Uncredited)

Camille Bennett as High School Student (Uncredited)

Jophery C. Brown as Chef (Uncredited)

Jacob Chambers as Cop (Uncredited)

Jillian Clare as Crying Girl in Tram (Uncredited)

Chris Coppola as Kyle (Uncredited)

Una Damon as Lab Tour Guide (Uncredited)

Chandra De Alessandro as Cop (Uncredited)

Mark De Alessandro as Cop (Uncredited)

Patrick Coleman Duncan as Oscorp Lab Technician (Uncredited)

R.C. Everbeck as Eddie Brock (Uncredited)

Al Goto as Cop (Uncredited)

Randy Hall as Cop (Uncredited)

Kevin Jackson as Bellman (Uncredited)

Loren Janes as Board of Directors Member (Uncredited)

Claudia Katz as Robbie's Assistant (Uncredited)

Kolby Kirk as Festival Guest (Uncredited)

Erik Kleven as Chef (Uncredited)

Gary Lane as Graduation/Chess Club Twin (Uncredited)

Larry Lane as Graduation/Chess Club Twin (Uncredited)

Pete Macnamara as Pentagon Officer (Uncredited)

Justin Neill as Flash's Crony (Uncredited)

Philip Ng as Diamond District Attendee (Uncredited)

Debra Orenstein as Doctor (Uncredited)

Gary Otto as New Yorker (Uncredited)

Sumner Redstone as Oscorp Board Member (Uncredited)

Scott L. Schwartz as Screaming Wrestler (Uncredited)

Robair Sims as Bellman (Uncredited)

Lindsay Neel Thompson as Mary Jane's Friend (Uncredited)

Sean Valla as Boat Light Man (Uncredited)

John Wojnowski III as Man in Street (Uncredited)

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