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Star Wars, The Return of the Jedi Cast

Released 1983

Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker

Harrison Ford as Han Solo

Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia Organa

Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian

Anthony Daniels as C-3PO

Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca

Sebastian Shaw as Anakin Skywalker

Ian McDiarmid as Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious

Frank Oz as Yoda (Voice)

James Earl Jones as Darth Vader (Voice)

David Prowse as Darth Vader

Alec Guinness as Obi-Wan Kenobi

Kenny Baker as R2-D2/Paploo

Michael Pennington as Moff Jerjerrod

Kenneth Colley as Adm. Piett

Michael Carter as Bib Fortuna

Denis Lawson as Wedge Antilles

Timothy M. Rose as Adm. Ackbar

Dermot Crowley as Gen. Crix Madine

Caroline Blakiston as Mon Mothma

Warwick Davis as Wicket

Jeremy Bulloch as Boba Fett

Femi Taylor as Oola

Annie Arbogast as Sy Snootles

Claire Davenport as Fat dancer

Jack Purvis as Teebo

Mike Edmonds as Logray/Jabba Puppeteer

Jane Busby as Chief Chirpa

Malcolm Dixon as Ewok Warrior

Mike Cottrell as Ewok Warrior

Nicholas Read (Nicki Reade) as Nicki/Ewok

Adam Bareham as Stardestroyer Controller #1

Jonathan Oliver as Stardestroyer Controller #2

Pip Miller as Stardestroyer Captain #1

Tom Mannion as Stardestroyer Captain #2

Toby Philpott as Jabba Puppeteer

David Alan Barclay as Jabba Puppeteer

Margo Apostolos as Ewok

Ray Armstrong as Ewok

Eileen Baker as Ewok

Michael Henbury Ballan as Ewok

Bobby Bell as Ewok

Patty Bell as Ewok

Alan Bennett as Ewok

Sarah Bennett as Ewok

Pamela Betts as Ewok

Danny Blackner as Ewok

Linda Bowley as Ewok

Peter Burroughs as Ewok

Debbie Lee Carrington as Ewok

Maureen Charlton as Ewok

Willie Coppen as Ewok

Sadie Corre (Corrie) as Ewok

Tony Cox as Ewok

John Cumming as Ewok

Jean D'Agostino as Ewok

Luis De Jesus as Ewok

Debbie Dixon as Ewok

Margarita Fernandez as Ewok

Phil Fondacaro as Ewok

Sal Fondacaro as Ewok

Tony Friel as Ewok

Daniel Frishman as Ewok

John Ghavan (Gavam) as Ewok

Michael Gilden as Ewok

Paul Grant as Ewok

Lydia Green as Ewok

Lars Green as Ewok

Pam Grizz as Ewok

Andrew Herd as Ewok

J.J. Jackson as Ewok

Richard Jones as Ewok

Trevor Jones as Ewok

Glynn Jones as Ewok

Karen Lay as Ewok

John Lummiss as Ewok

Nancy MacLean as Ewok

Peter Mandell as Ewok

Carole Morris as Ewok

Stacy Nicholls as Ewok

Chris Nunn as Ewok

Barbara O'Laughlin as Ewok

Brian Orenstein as Ewok

Harrell Parker Jr. as Ewok

John Pedrick as Ewok

April Perkins as Ewok

Ronnie Phillips as Ewok

Katie Purvis as Ewok

Carol Read as Ewok

Diana Reynolds as Ewok

Daniel Rodgers as Ewok

Chris Romano as Ewok

Dean Shackelford as Ewok

Kiran Shah as Ewok

Felix Silla as Ewok

Linda Spriggs as Ewok

Gerald Staddon as Ewok

Josephine Staddon as Ewok

Kevin Thompson as Ewok

Kendra Wall as Ewok

Brian Wheeler as Ewok/Jawa

Butch Wilhelm as Ewok

Dalyn Chew as Jedi Rocks Dancer (Special Edition)

Celia Fushille-Burke as Jedi Rocks Dancer (Special Edition)

Mercedes Ngoh as Jedi Rocks Dancer (Special Edition)

Jennifer Jaffe as Jedi Rocks Dancer (Special Edition)

John Altman as Rebel Pilot (Uncredited)

Erik Bauersfeld as Bib Fortuna (Voice) (Uncredited)

Dickey Beer as Barada/Stormtrooper/Biker Scout (Uncredited)

Don Bies as Barquin D'an/Boba Fett (Special Edition) (Uncredited)

Richard Bonehill as Stormtrooper/Nien Nunb/Mon Calamarie/Ree Yees/Mosep/Z-Winged Pilot/Tie Pilot (Uncredited)

Paul Brooke as Malakili (Rancor Keeper) (Uncredited)

Ben Burtt as 'Freeze' Officer in Endor Bunker (Uncredited)

Peter Diamond as Gamorrean Guard (Uncredited)

Ernie Fosselius as Malakili (Rancor Keeper)/Giran (Voice) (Uncredited)

Isaac Grand as Gamorrean Guard (Uncredited)

Nelson Hall as Doda Bodonawieedo/Boba Fett (Special Edition) (Uncredited)

Barrie Holland as Lt. Renz (Imperial Officer in Bunker) (Uncredited)

Gerald Home as Tessek Squid Head/Mon Calamari Officer (Uncredited)

Larin Lahr as GONK Droid (Uncredited)

Swim Lee as Hoover (Uncredited)

Richard Marquand as Maj. Marquand (AT-ST Driver)/EV-9D9 (Voice) (Uncredited)

Hilton McRae as Arvel Crynyd (Uncredited)

George Miller as Gamorrean Guard (Uncredited)

Mike Quinn as Nien Nunb/Ree-Yees/Sy Snootles/Yoda/Wol Cabbashite (Uncredited)

Barry Robertson as Gamorrean Guard (Uncredited)

Kipsang Rotich as Nien Numb (Voice) (Uncredited)

Deep Roy as Droopy McCool (Uncredited)

Tony Star as Gamorrean Guard (Uncredited)

Larry Ward as Jabba the Hutt (Voice) (Uncredited)

Robert Watts as Lt. Watts (AT-ST Driver) (Uncredited)

Pat Welsh as Boushh (Voice) (Uncredited)

Paul Weston as Nik Fo/Vedain (Sand Skiff Pilot) (Uncredited)

Simon Williamson as Max Rebo (Uncredited)

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