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Superman Returns Cast

Released 2006

Brandon Routh as Clark Kent/Superman

Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane

Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor

James Marsden as Richard White

Parker Posey as Kitty Kowalski

Frank Langella as Perry White

Sam Huntington as Jimmy Olsen

Eva Marie Saint as Martha Kent

Marlon Brando as Jor-El (archive footage)

Kal Penn as Stanford

Tristan Lake Leabu as Jason White

David Fabrizio as Brutus

Ian Roberts as Riley

Vincent Stone as Grant

Jack Larson as Bo the Bartender

Noel Neill as Gertrude Vanderworth

James Karen as Ben Hubbard Ben Hubbard (scenes deleted)

Stephan Bender as 15-Year-Old Clark

Peta Wilson as Bobbie-Faye

Jeff Truman as Gil

Barbara Angell as Polly

Ian Bliss as Shuttle Commander

Ansuya Nathan as Shuttle Pilot

Richard Branson as Shuttle Engineer

Sam Branson as Shuttle Specialist

Warwick Young as 777 Co-Pilot

Bradd Buckley as 777 Navigator

Bill Young as Mission Control Flight Director

Thomas Stewart as Mission Control Navigator

David Webb as Mission Control Officer

Patricia Howson as Museum Guard

Mirren Lee as Vanderworth Relative

Stephen Ostrow as Vanderworth Relative

Hank Roberts as Vanderworth Relative

Jordana Beatty as Little Girl

Karina Bracken as Hospital Ward Nurse

Raelee Hill as Hospital Nurse

Lee James as Doctor

Michael Duggan as Doctor

Keegan Joyce as Boy with Camera

Frederique Fouche as French News Anchor

Julian Pulvermacher as German Anchor

Rebecca Barratt as German Reporter

Penelope Heath as Sydney Reporter

Ted Maynard as News Anchor #1

Ed Wightman as News Anchor #2/Hospital Reporter #4

Prue Lewarne as News Anchor #3

Paul Shedlowich as News Anchor #4

Barry Quin as News Anchor #5

Francine Bell as News Anchor #6

Genevieve Davis as Reporter at Deli

Adrian Jarrett as Deli Robber

Marcello Fabrizi as British Talk Show Host

Donald McDonald as British Scientist

Robert Meyer Burnett as Cape Canaveral Reporter

Terrell Dixon as Hospital Policeman

Duff Watkins as Sergeant at Hospital

Narelle Valentine as Hospital Reporter #1

Rebecca Rocheford as Hospital Reporter #2

Wayne McDaniel as Hospital Reporter #3

Lisa Harrison as Hospital Reporter #5

Gerard Sont as Hospital Reporter #6

Rohan Michael as Hospital Reporter #7

Karen Pang as Hospital Reporter #8

Monique Dykstra as Administration Nurse

Kevin Fisher as Security Guard #1

John Lucantonio as Security Guard #2

Rob Flanagan as Bank Gunner

Phillip Henry as Police Sharp Shooter

Henry Browne as Taxi Driver

Darin Rossi as Home Plate Umpire

Aaron Chato as Boy with Dog

Andrew Cole as Metropolis Metropolis Museum Patron (uncredited)

Michael Dougherty as Student #1 at Metropolis Museum (uncredited)

Dan Harris as Student #2 at Metropolis Museum (uncredited)

Darren K. Hawkins as Metropolis Citizen (uncredited)

Bobby Roe as Ravens Ravens Baseball Player (uncredited)

Roger Sciberras as Daily Planet Reporter (uncredited)

Jennifer Sciole as EMT (uncredited)

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