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Terminator 1 Cast

Released 1984

Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator

Michael Biehn as Kyle Reese

Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor

Paul Winfield as Lieutenant Ed Traxler

Lance Henriksen as Detective Vukovich

Bess Motta as Ginger Ventura

Earl Boen as Dr. Peter Silberman

Rick Rossovich as Matt Buchanan

Dick Miller as Pawnshop Clerk

Shawn Schepps as Nancy

Bruce M. Kerner as Desk Sergeant

Franco Columbu as Future Terminator

Bill Paxton as Punk Leader

Brad Rearden as Punk

Brian Thompson as Punk

William Wisher Jr. as Policeman

Ken Fritz as Policeman

Tom Oberhaus as Policeman

Ed Dogans as Cop in Alley

Joe Farago as TV Anchorman

Hettie Lynne Hurtes as TV Anchorwoman

Tony Mirelez as Gas Station Attendant

Philip Gordon as Mexican Boy (long shots)

Anthony T. Trujillo as Mexican Boy (close-ups)

Stan Yale as Derelict in Alley

Al Kahn as Customer

Leslie Morris as Customer

Hugh Farrington as Customer

Harriet Medin as Customer

Loree Frazier as Customer

James Ralston as Customer

Norman Friedman as Cleaning Man at Flophouse

Barbara Powers as Ticket Taker at Club Technoir

Wayne Stone as Tanker Driver

David Pierce as Tanker Partner

John E. Bristol as Biker at Phone Booth

Webster Williams as Reporter

Patrick Pinney as Bar Customer

Bill W. Richmond as Bartender

Chino 'Fats' Williams as Truck Driver

Gregory Robbins as Tiki Motel Customer

Marianne Muellerleile as Wrong Sarah

John Durban as Sentry

Darrell Mapson as Bar patron at pay phone with Sarah (Uncredited)

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