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Tremors 3, Back To Perfection Cast

Released 2001

Michael Gross as Burt Gummer

Shawn Christian as Desert Jack Sawyer

Susan Chuang as Jodi Chang, Perfection Gen. Store

Charlotte Stewart as Nancy Sterngood

Ariana Richards as Mindy Sterngood, Nancy's Daughter

Tony Genaro as Miguel a Rancher

Barry Livingston as Dr. Andrew Merliss, Smithsonian

John Pappas as Rusk, B.L.M.

Robert Jayne as Melvin Plug, Realtor

Billy Rieck as Buford, Jack's Assistant

Kelly Connell as Jerome

Mathew Seth Wilson as Tourist Kid

Jason Hopkins as Tourist Kid

Lorna Scott as Tourist Lady

Mary Gross as Tourist Mom

Elena Sahagun as Argentine Reporter

Javi Mulero as Argentine Producer

Diego Galanie as Argentine Cameraman

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