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Tremors 4, The Legend Begins Cast

Released 2004

Michael Gross as Hiram Gummer

Sara Botsford as Christine Lord

Billy Drago as Black Hand Kelly

Brent Roam as Juan Pedilla

August Schellenberg as Tecopa

J.E. Freeman as Old Fred

Lo Ming (Ming Lo) as Pyong Chang

Lydia Look as Lu Wan Chang

Sam Ly as Fu Yien Chang

Neil (Neal) Kopit as Victor

Sean Moran as Western Union Clerk

Mathew (Matthew) Seth Wilson as Brick Walters

John Dixon as Big Horse Johnson

Dan Lemieux (Lemmeux) as Stony Walters

Don Ruffin as Sogg

Lou Carlucci as Mine Foreman

Kai Taschner as

Andrew Van Hise as Luke

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