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War of the Worlds Cast

Released 2005

Tom Cruise as Ray Ferrier

Dakota Fanning as Rachel Ferrier

Miranda Otto as Mary Ann

Justin Chatwin as Robbie

Tim Robbins as Harlan Ogilvy

Rick Gonzalez as Vincent

Yul Vazquez as Julio

Lenny Venito as Manny the Mechanic

Lisa Ann Walter as Bartender

Ann Robinson as Grandmother

Gene Barry as Grandfather

David Alan Basche as Tim

Roz Abrams as Herself

Michael Brownlee as TV Reporter, Osaka

Camillia Sanes as News Producer

Marlon Young as News Cameraman

John Eddins as News Van Driver

Peter Gerety as Hatch Boss/Load Manager

David Harbour as Dock Worker

Miguel Antonio Ferrer as Brazilian Neighbor

January LaVoy as Brazilian Neighbor's Wife

Stephen Gevedon as Neighbor with Lawnmower

Julie White as Woman

Marianne (Marianni) Ebert as Hysterical Woman

Rafael Sardina as Mechanic's Assistant

Amy Ryan as Neighbor with Toddler

Ed Vassallo as Intersection Guy

Michael Arthur as Intersection Guy

Danny Hoch as Intersection Guy Cop

Sharrieff Pugh as Man Studying Street

Erika LaVonn as Photographer

Christopher Evan Welch as Photographer

John Michael Bolger as Man Holding Woman

Omar Jermaine as Man Holding Woman

Robert Cicchini as Guy in Suit

Jim Hanna as Bus Driver

Tracy Howe as Crowd Onlooker

Adam Lazarre-White as Crowd Onlooker

Vito D'Ambrosio as Crowd Onlooker

Laura Zoe Quist as Crowd Onlooker

Ana Maria Quintana as Crowd Onlooker

Lorelei Llee as Crowd Onlooker

Mark Manley as Ferry Worker

John Scurti as Ferry Captain

Becky Ann Baker as Disaster Relief Volunteer

Mariann Mayberry as Mother

Ty Simpkins as 3 Year Old Boy

Jerry Walsh as Smart Guy

Tommy Guiffre as National Guardsman

Daniel Franzese as National Guardsman

Ed Schiff as Older Man

Ellen Barry as Woman from Upstate

Amy Hohn as Panicky Woman

Daniel (Dan) Ziskie as Informative Guy

David Conley as Ill-Informed Guy

Daniel Eric Gold as Conspiracy Buff

Booker T. Washington as Conspiracy Debunker

Maggie Lacey as Upset Mother

Eric Zuckerman as Doomsday Guy

Daniel A. Jacobs as Younger Man

Asha R. Nanavati as Woman in Crowd

Joaquin Perez-Campbell as Young Soldier in Tank

Dendrie Taylor as Well Meaning Mother

James DuMont as Well-Meaning Father

Travis Aaron Wade as War of the Worlds Soldier

Benny Ciaramello as War of the Worlds Soldier

Ricky Luna as War of the Worlds Soldier

Columbus Short as War of the Worlds Soldier

Kent Faulcon as War of the Worlds Soldier

Kevin Collins as Marine Major

Terry Thomas as Marine Major

Clay Bringhurst as Airforce Pilot

Jorge (Jorge-Luis) Pallo as Army Private

Suanne Spoke as Businesswoman

Kirsten Nelson as Businesswoman

Melody Garrett as Older Woman

Lauri Johnson as Older Woman

Takayo Fischer as Older Woman

Shanna Collins as Teenager

Elizabeth Jayne Hong as Teenager

Art Chudabala as Man in Basket

Jeffrey Hutchinson as Man in Basket

Dempsey Pappion as Man in Basket

Chris Todd as Man in Basket

Johnny Kastl as Boston Soldier

Juan Carlos Hernández as Boston Soldier

Bruce W. Derdoski Jr. as Boston Soldier

John N. Morales as Boston Soldier

Morgan Freeman as Narration (voice)

Tom Kenny as SpongeBob (voice) (archive footage)

Lisa Sample as Boston Survivor

Amir Allak as Survivor (uncredited)

Chad O. Allen as Refugee (uncredited)

Michalina Almindo as Refugee (uncredited)

Cass Asher as Soldier (uncredited)

Claudia Barroso as Portuguese Woman (uncredited)

Bobby Bates as Man on Street (uncredited)

Gerald Blakey as Refugee (uncredited)

David Blanc as Chef (uncredited)

Felix J. Boyle as Fleeing Businessman (uncredited)

Paul Bunnell as Boston Survivor (uncredited)

David Campbell as Boston Survivor (uncredited)

Josef Cannon as Mike Sims (uncredited)

Nobel Chen as Cyclist (uncredited)

Stella Croxon as Survivor - Mother with Boy (uncredited)

Robert DaGasta as Survivor (uncredited)

Ambi Daniel as Refugee (uncredited)

Crystal Dawne as Starving girl in diner (uncredited)

Joseph DeBona as Newark Deliveryman (uncredited)

Geoffrey DeMarsh as Athens Ferry Passenger (uncredited)

Zachary DeMarsh as Athens Ferry Passenger (uncredited)

Sherman T. Edwards Jr. as Lexington Survivor (uncredited)

Tom Faulkner as Soldier (uncredited)

Robert Feeley as Survivor (uncredited)

Pamela Fischer as Neighbor (uncredited)

George Fisher as Man Fighting Ray - at Car (uncredited)

Charles 'Chaz' Galuski as Ferry Boat Refugee (uncredited)

David Gere as Survivor (uncredited)

Christopher Gilbertson as Additional Voices (voice) (uncredited)

Jennifer Glasgow as Survivor (uncredited)

Phillip Gramm as Survivor (uncredited)

Dave Harrington as Paramedic (uncredited)

Christy Lee Hughes as Refugee (uncredited)

Dalon Huntington as Survivor (uncredited)

Angie Jaree as Singer (uncredited)

Freddie Johnson as Boston Survivor (uncredited)

Ingrid Johnson as Neighborhood mom (uncredited)

Janis Jones as Boston survivor (uncredited)

Vladislav Kozlov as Survivor (uncredited)

Ed Mantell as Soldier, background extra (uncredited)

Sean Marrinan as Ferry goer (uncredited)

Riley G. Matthews Jr. as Newark Cop (uncredited)

Robin McGee as Survivor (uncredited)

Tanda Mercer as Woman in Crowd (uncredited)

Chris Moyles as Radio DJ (voice) (uncredited)

Emily Nilsen as Survivor (uncredited)

Scott Norris as Refugee (uncredited)

Robert O'Connor as Homeless Patron (uncredited)

Fred Ortiz as Army Soldier/Survivor (uncredited)

A.J. Presley as Survivor (uncredited)

Angel Princess as Survivor (uncredited)

Vincent Rao as Refugee (uncredited)

Bill Richards as RB Leaper (uncredited)

Rachelle Roderick as Alien Escapee (uncredited)

Cory Rodriguez as Army Soldier (uncredited)

Nicole Signore as Refugee (uncredited)

Athena Stamos as Refugee (uncredited)

P.E. Tasciotti as Army soldier (uncredited)

Channing Tatum as Boy in church scene (uncredited)

Patrick Tierney as Extra (uncredited)

Johnny Torres as Survivor (uncredited)

Mark Valinsky as Townsman (uncredited)

Michael Waldron as Newark Cop (uncredited)

Michael Kevin Walker as Survivor (uncredited)

Terry Ward as Army Corporal (uncredited)

Stacy Ann Wilkins as Young mother (uncredited)

Dianne Zaremba as Survivor (uncredited)

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