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The Legend Of Zorro Cast

Released 2005

Antonio Banderas as Don Alejandro de la Vega/Zorro

Giovanna Zacarias as Blanca

Raul Mendez as Ferroq

Mary Crosby as Governor's Wife

Catherine Zeta-Jones as Elena

Alexa Benedetti as Lupe

Adrian Alonso as Joaquin

Pedro Armendariz Jr. as Governor Don Pedro Riley

Michel Bos as Archduke Wilhelm

Mar Carrera as Marie

Nick Chinlund as Jacob McGivens

Michael Emerson as Harrigan

Tina French as Peasant Woman

Shuler Hensley as Pike

Rowley Irlam as Sneering Man

David Michie as Burning Cowboy (voice)

Hans Oellers as Baron Leopold

Gustavo Sanchez-Parra as Cortez

Rufus Sewell as Armand

Alberto Reyes as Brother Ignacio

Julio Oscar Mechoso as Frey Felipe

Carlos Cobos as Tabulador

Mauricio Bonet as Don Verdugo

Fernando Becerril as Don Diaz

Xavier Marc as Don Robau

Pepe Olivares as Phineas Gendler

Tony Amendola as Father Quintero

Brandon Wood as Ricardo

Alejandro Galán as Constable

Leo Burmester as Col. Beauregard

Rayo Rojas as Polo Attendant

Pedro Altamirano as Saloon Owner

Silverio Palacios as Head Jailer

Alfredo Ramírez as Guard

Juan Manuel Vilchis as Guard

Antonio Gallegos as Jail Guard

Philip 'Phil' Meheux as Lord Dillingham

Matthew Stirling as Stoker

Pedro Mira as Abraham Lincoln

Jossara Jinaro as Voice

Rowley Irlam as Sneering Man (uncredited)

Valarie Trapp as Giselle (uncredited)

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