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To download Quick Time (there is a free version), just click on the image.


WCW/NWO Wolfpack Theme 2.11MB
Bruce Lee vs The Triad Techno 7.51MB
Chinese Techno - Wong Fei Hong 2.60MB
Chinese Techno 2 - Wong Fei Hong 2.62MB
Traditional Chinese - Wong Fei Hong 2.10MB
Jackie Chan - Once Upon A Time In China 2.20MB
Techno - Kung Fu Fighting 3.07MB
CHIPS Theme 2.86MB
Clint Eastwood Dialog (I bet you were wondering) 482KB
Lambada 2000 Techno Mix 5.09MB
Green Jelly - Three Little Pigs 5.40MB
J.A.G. Theme 771KB
Robin Williams - I Ran Over The Taco Bell Dog 1.11MB
Jackie Chan Does Kung Fu 4.67MB
Knight Rider TV Theme 1.19MB
Tales From The Crypt Theme 1.90MB
Baretta TV Theme 1.01MB
Baywatch TV Theme 3.06MB
Captain Planet TV Theme 988KB
Darkwing Duck TV Theme 930KB
Power Rangers TV Theme 913KB
He-Man Master Of The Universe 2.41MB
Johnny Bravo TV Theme 506KB
Men In Black, Animated Series Theme 0.98MB
My Little Pony TV Theme 1.09MB
Rainbow Brite TV Theme 510KB
Robin Hood (Original) TV Theme 2.20MB
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves Theme 2.20MB
The Lone Ranger TV Theme 1.18MB
The Munsters TV Theme 685KB
Alias TV Theme Song 433KB
Alias Theme - JJ Abrams 2.98MB
Stay (Alias) - Michelle Featherstone 4.07MB


I Will Always Love You 19.6KB
America, The Beautiful 17.6KB
As Time Goes By 13.4KB
Beautiful Morning 8.03KB
Flight Of The Bumblebee 12.8KB
Cotton Eye Joe 14.5KB
La Cucaracha 12.4KB
Crazy 16.9KB
Drum Fun 20.4KB
Walk Like An Egyptian 76.4KB
Elephant Walk 19.8KB
Shake It Up 32.4KB
Humpty Dumpty 5.36KB
Hush Little Baby 8.17KB
Irish Jig 6.31KB
Ironic 42.1KB
Jambalya 50.6KB
Lay Lady Lay 53.9KB
Mama Pie 41.3KB
If You Know Let Me Know 44.2KB
If You Know Let Me Know 42.0KB
Mission Impossible 26.2KB
Greatest American Hero 19.2KB
Octopus Under The Sea 33.1KB
One Sweet Day 14.5KB
Pop Goes The Weasel 8.66KB
Red Red Rose 17.4KB
Rocky Top 28.3KB
If You Know Let Me Know 7.64KB
Sweet Dreams 38.9KB
Singing In The Rain 29.9KB
Stuck On You 26.0KB
Too Much 52.1KB
If You Know Let Me Know 33.8KB
You Are My Sunshine 25.8KB


Brain: I'm having a bad day. Pinky: Narf 40.3KB
Brain: Now throw the switch and let us begin the battle for the planet. 49.9KB
Brain: Come Pinky or I shall have to hurt you. 21.9KB
Brain: In your depths of your ignorance, what is it you want? 13.6KB
Brain: I plan to take over the world. 29.3KB
Brain: If I could reach you, I would hurt you. 19.9KB
Brain: I am at a loss for words. 16.2KB
Brain: There is No cause for alarm, but there probably will be. 37.8KB
Brain: Working stinks! 14.7KB
Brain: Throw the switch and let us begin the battle for the planet. 49.9KB
Pinky: Narf. What am I doing here? Narf. 36.6KB
Brain: We should flee in terror. Yes, that would be the wisest course. 16.4KB
Frogs: Bud - Wei - Ser. Splat, splat, splat. Road kill on the information highway. 89.1KB
Jackie Chan: Thank you. 4.37KB
Jackie Chan: Hitting noise 3.34KB
Jackie Chan: Fight sounds 7.96KB
Jackie Chan: Fight sounds 7.96KB
Jackie Chan: Thank you, bye, bye. 11.8KB
Jackie Chan Ditty 32.5KB
Frank: Louie, you are one sick lizard. 27.5KB
Gargoyles Theme 1.27MB
Gargoyles: Uh, hello. 60.0KB
Gargoyles: Ok, ok, just take it easy. 16.3KB
Gargoyles: Cool. 33.7KB
Gargoyle Roar 17.8KB
Gargoyles: Face me human, if you dare. 88.8KB
Gargoyles: Now I am truly alone. 106KB
Gargoyles: Magnificent. 59.4KB
Gargoyles: Right. 54.3KB
Gargoyles: Not good. Not good... 101KB
Gargoyles: Are you a Viking? 42.5KB
Gargoyles: Sorry, wrong floor. 68.3KB
Gargoyles Theme with words 401KB
Gargoyles: Excellent. 53.0KB
George Of The Jungle Theme 632KB
Sgt. Schulz: I know nothing, nothing. 28.2KB
Yo Quiero Taco Bell 13.5KB
Tequila 71.2KB