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Farscape Theme 1.91MB
Enterprise Sound Effects Warp Drive 358KB
Laser Guns Sound Effects 858KB
Dematerialization Sound Effects 450KB
Communicator Beeps Sound Effects 498KB
Photon Torpedo Sound Effects 340KB
Red Alert Sound Effects 417KB
The Invisible Man Theme Techno 890KB
The Invisible Man Theme 939KB
Battlestar Galactica TV Theme 2.04MB
Farscape Opening Theme 705KB
Highlander TV Theme 3.31MB
Star Trek (1967) Theme 1.24MB
The Green Hornet TV Theme 919KB
The Incredible Hulk TV Theme 1.05MB
X-Files TV Theme 3.12MB


Star Trek Voyager 12.1KB


Captain: All hands abandon ship. 24.2KB
Computer: Accessing Files 86.3KB
Computer: Access Denied 21.5KB
Computer: Analysis Verified 14.1KB
Max Headroom: Asking is just polite demanding. 42.0KB
Captain: Attention on deck. 16.2KB
Whistle... All Decks.. All Stations.. This is the Captain speaking. 190KB
Computer: Auto Destruct Sequence armmed. 58.2KB
Riker: Belay that order Mr. Data! 21.4KB
Scotty: I'm givin' her all she's got Captain. If I push it any harder, the whole thing will blow. 97.1KB
We are the Borg. We are interrupting your communications. You are to leave a message at the tone or you will be assimilated. 114KB
2001 Computer: I'm afraid that's something I cannot allow to happen. 27.7KB
Computer: all command functions suspended. 31.8KB
Communicator Beep 8.73KB
Robot: Does not compute. 10.9KB
Computer: Red Alert.. Take Emergency Stations.. 55.2KB
Energizer Sound 13.9KB
Computer: Priority One message from Starfleet coming in on a secure channel. 40.0KB
Computer: Insufficient data 21.0KB
Computer: Log On Complete 23.2KB
Computer: Command functions are offline. Captain: Reinitialize them on my authorization. Computer: Authorization denied. 136KB
Computer: Begin long range scans of the Romulan Border. 38.7KB
Captain: Computer, status report. Computer: Wow, I feel good. 133KB
Worf: We are receiving no.. sh*t 55.0KB