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Sounds To Download

Left click on the link to listen to the wav, MIDI, or MP3; right click on the link to download the wav, MIDI or MP3. You must have an ActiveX Viewer, Windows Media Player 9, or Quick Time Player to listen to the MP3s.

To download Quick Time (there is a free version), just click on the image.


Grant Lee Phillips - Ballad Of Cathain 2.50MB
Grant Lee Phillips - Sara's Song 606KB
Blue Valiant 4.70MB
Type O Negative - Go To Sleep 4.94MB
Astroantiqui 2.92MB
Megadeth - I'll Get Even 5.52MB
Witchblade #13 7.99MB
Fire 5.58MB
Ian & Irons - Office Conversation 375KB
Ian & Sara Phone Conversation/Morning Paper 4.42KB
Bruxa 4.39MB
Kill This Distraction, Kill Your Reaction 7.47MB
Mater Dolorosa 4.59MB
Northern Man 4.03MB
Prophet Of The Sand 0.97MB
Sara & Ian at her apartment 632KB
Saraphrenia 2.87MB
Sigil Of The Swordbearer 10.2MB
Soundtrack - Witchblade 4.94MB
Taurus 2.01MB
The Cradle Of Life 3.73MB
The Murderess 3.64MB
Tunnel 4.43MB
Witchblade TV Theme with words 316KB
Sara & Irons talk about unreal shapes 507KB
Sara & Irons talk about visions 387KB
Ian gives Sara a warning 95.5KB
Conchobar Sings Cathain 1.41MB
Mysterious Ways 5.01MB