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Xena Sounds

Want some company. 22 kb
I'll take a piece of that action. 15 kb
Ah... Ah... Ah... 14 kb
I'd like to know the answer to that myself. 22 kb
Xena Yell 33 kb
Back off! 14 kb
You wanna compare bad deeds, I'll bury ya. 31 kb
What you think you're doin? 25 kb
Well, ain't love a b*tch. 56 kb
Bite me! 19 kb
Boo... 54 kb
It's about time you showed up. 54 kb
You're a slow learner. 37 kb
Sound of Chakram 31 kb
There's been a change of plans. 20 kb
There are always choices. 19 kb
Go ahead, climb up my body. 138 kb
I'm crazy, I'm not stupid. 95 kb
I don't accept defeat. 106 kb
I'm not that easy. 19 kb
Nice try. 13 kb
I'm not that trusting. 28 kb
Don't argue with me. 10 kb
I didn't mean to do that. 56 kb
Eat Dirt. 11 kb
You're gonna have to figure it out yourself. 108 kb
Come and get me. 20 kb
Get out of here! 39 kb
I have uninvited guests. 40 kb
Think again. 22 kb
Go home! There are thousands more like me. 143 kb
Oooh, that's gonna hurt. 33 kb
Go on, tell us. 17 kb
Gotcha good that time. 69 kb
Stop it. On the contrary, I'm here to guarantee that it happens. 66 kb
Cause he knows that I'm half god and all crazy. 149 kb
I hate that. 21 kb
Either you start filling in some holes or I start makin' 'em. 152 kb
I can't help you with this. 76 kb
I hate the dead. You can't take vengeance on them. 49 kb
Ingrate. 14 kb
Is this a private get together or can anyone one join in. 114 kb
It ain't over till it's over. 86 kb
Leaving so soon. Don't bet on it. 26 kb
Well, this is your lucky day. 24 kb
I have many skills. 99 kb
This could get messy. 15 kb
Put me out of my misery. 55 kb
Moron. 14 kb
That's not nice. 18 kb
No no yes no; I tried that; yes, both ways. No I don't know. No again. Are there anymore questions? 79 kb
I got your number, sweetie. 16 kb
Is one woman too much for you? 18 kb
Never mind, it's over your head. 22 kb
I don't play safe. 17 kb
Who did you want me to kill? 20 kb
What's the point? 55 kb
I didn't come here to play games. 39 kb
By the gods, you're an animal. I like that. 57 kb
Care to explain that. 25 kb
I don't often get to reason four, but when I do it get's real messy. 41 kb
Just do it. 14 kb
What do you want? 20 kb
That was a pretty dumb thing you did back there. 44 kb
That would be nice. 28 kb
You don't get it, do you? 23 kb
You are what you do. You can recreate yourself every second of your life. 69 kb
Riding Argo music. 832 kb
Scram, you fool. 15 kb
You're not only scum, you're dreamers. 145 kb
No, no, killing's too good for scum like you. 45 kb
So much for your shortcut. 21 kb
I'm gonna slap you b*tch*s silly. 18 kb
Son of a Bacchae! 61 kb
Xena yell with fighting. 62 kb
You picked the wrong woman to get rough with. 38 kb
Don't even think of stopping me. 58 kb
There's nothing you can do to stop me. 20 kb
Are you suicidal? 34 kb
That pretty much sums it up. 19 kb
I'm gonna take it all and I'm gonna love every minute of it. 35 kb
Don't get technical on me. 17 kb
Thanks but no thanks. 24 kb
growling -- That's enough, did you hear me, that's enough -- get off! -- more growling. 218 kb
You have-witted toadie to a third rate god. Come and get me. 37 kb
Well, if that's the worst thing that happens today, I'll be thrilled 38 kb
I said we don't have time for this. 20 kb
Trust me, you don't want to make me angry. 194 kb
Just you try and stop me. 90 kb
From you nothing. From me, nothing less. 83 kb
Are you quite finished? 15 kb
I don't ask for much. I just want my pony back. 46 kb
We talk now. 76 kb
All right, so what gives? 23 kb
When you're hot, you're hot. 13 kb
Tough guy, huh. 48 kb
Yell -- Bar's closed. 102 kb
Be careful, I'm in a bad mood. 47 kb
Welcome this! 23 kb
Another Xena yell. 36 kb
I've just blocked off the flow to your brain. You'll be dead in seconds unless I release you. 143 kb
Fight now, talk later. 65 kb
Xena intro music with voice over. 459 kb
Yet another Xena yell. 71 kb
Hey boys, wanna play. 217 kb
Xena war cry. 69 kb
You first. 76 kb
You... b*tch! 42 kb
Are we having fun yet? 106 kb
You did what? 17 kb
Your dinar. 17 kb
Where'd you think you're going? 45 kb

Gabrielle Sounds

There were five bandits. Five of them. She could've handled four and I would have been happy with just one. No, no she had to take them all. 99 kb
I knew you were evil but you were obnoxious too. 29 kb
Amazon dance music 182 kb
I've got a bad feeling about this. 26 kb
Just make a mess and walk away. 21 kb
How did I do that?? 20 kb

Ares Sounds

I'm all ears. Well, maybe.. not all ears. 58 kb
Then I guess we got a problem. Cause I just can't let that happen. 43 kb
I've been hanged... swung over a fire and nearly shishkabbobed on razor sharp spikes. How do you mortals get from day to day? You know. 92 kb
Oh.. Ow.. Score one for the warrior princess. 63 kb
Take your best shot. 61 kb
You shut up! I cannot think. 20 kb
Well, I can't help you then. 13 kb
You can run Xena, but you can't hide. 219 kb
Cool... 32 kb
Ding dong, the b*tch is dead. 173 kb
You didn't have to do this. 27 kb
And just remember, I did warn you. 13 kb
Not exactly my idea of foreplay, but it'll do. 36 kb
You'll see it. It's a god thing. 18 kb
You could've had it all, but now I'm mad. 109 kb
Uh.. Uh.. Uh.. I wouldn't do that if I were you. 44 kb
I only made the warrior, she made the legend> 73 kb
If the world thinks it knows death and destruction now. Wait till they get a load of me! 29 kb
Run maggot! ha..ha..ha..ha Ooh, I still got it. 66 kb
What in the name of .. me .. do you think you're doing. 56 kb
Oops. I guess you were wrong. Nice try though. 38 kb
I got a lot of options here. 15 kb
Former mentor and still greatest fan... at your service. 103 kb
Marvelously manipulated my dear. 41 kb
Until next time, Xena, until next time. 103 kb
I like your style. 19 kb
That's the spirit. Let it go. I mean what does it matter. Pain is just nature's way of saying; 'Hey, you're alive.' Accept it, who needs the truth. 106 kb
Think about it. 10 kb
He wasn't so bad. He tried hard, he was just no good at his job. 77 kb

Xena & Ares Sounds

Xena - Ares.. I know you're here. Cause my skin is crawling. Ares - You're the only mortal I know who can do that. 132 kb
Ares - Are you insane? Xena - Depends on who you talk to. 41 kb

Xena & Gabrielle Sounds

Xena: You call that a jump? - Gabrielle: No, it was a frantic leap. 45 kb
Xena: Kill 'em all. - Gabrielle: No... 20 kb

Callisto Sounds

Same old torture. Everyday... Everyday... 153 kb
I'll be right back. 44 kb
Nighty night. 59 kb
How about I scratch your back, you stab mine. 62 kb
Okay... you wanna talk, so talk. 61 kb
Welcome to my world; now get ready to leave it. 132 kb
I relish the challenge. 43 kb
Want it? Come and get it. 69 kb
Hi honey, I'm home. 32 kb
Oh goody. 118 kb
Oops. 42 kb
Here, piggy, piggy, piggy.. scream .. 453 kb
Love to chat but gotta go. 26 kb
There you are. 15 kb
We've got a visitor. 19 kb

Miscellaneous Sounds

Xena: What's your diagnosis now? Person: Mood Swings. 61 kb
Yoda: Away with your weapons, I mean you no harm. Xena: You picked the wrong woman to get rough with. 73 kb
Person: So what do you say, shall we be civilized about this. Xena: Why start now. 294 kb
Person: What the hades, do you think you're doing? Xena: Taking command; someone has to. 410 kb
Xena: I have many skills, most of which I use against people like you. Daffy: You wouldn't dare... Xena: Just you try and stop me. Daffy: Listen mac, you got 32 teeth. Would you like to try for 16? -- scuffle -- Xena: Boo Daffy: Help. 199 kb
Draco: A deals a deal. 9 kb
Lao Ma: To conquer others is to have power. To conquer yourself is to know the way. 244 kb
Lao Ma: Would you kill a mosquito with an axe? 87 kb
Lao Ma: Nothing as soft as water, but who can withstand the raging flood. 72 kb
Hercules: This is starting to give me a headache. 42 kb
Hercules: You know that's not very polite. 109 kb
Hercules: Even the gods can't interfere with time. 84 kb
Hercules intro music. 697 kb
Hercules intro whistle by Joxer, Ares & Iolaus. 200 kb
Aphrodite: Double dose for you, warrior babe. 29 kb
Warrior: We fight with the heart of a lion. Aphrodite: And you run with the feet of a chicken. 60 kb
Minya: I expected more from the god of war. I mean without his powers, he's just another man. Just another big ol' leather clad, well-muscled, gorgeous hunk of bad boy man. 351 kb
Minya: You hairball! You get back here. 132 kb
Minya: My hormones are peaking. I'm ready for action. I'm gonna crack some heads. 106 kb
Borias: Is this your sacrifice to Alti? Xena: No, it's just for shock. 74 kb
Borias: At what cost Xena. Do we end there or do we go on and on. 82 kb
Borias: Don't make me an enemy. 23 kb
Borias: You're mad; you've gone to far. 23 kb
Borias: Listen to me. 16 kb
Borias: You need more than the promises of a witch. 30 kb
Borias: I will not. 11 kb
Borias: That's a waste of time, Xena. Even if it did exist it's power is not for us to hold. 68 kb
Caesar: So why do they call you the warrior princess. Xena: Because Caesar was taken. 87 kb
Salmoneus: Xena... Xena... Gabrielle: Xena! 55 kb
Joxer: Mr. meandog. Mr. bite me in the.... 115 kb
Joxer The Mighty. 295 kb
Person: There's no rest for the wicked. 17 kb
Macon: Well, what you know; the b*tch has bite after all. 48 kb
Person: It's great to be wicked and dead. 88 kb
Soldier: Retreat... Everybody out. 87 kb
Autolycus: I am Autolycus, the King.... of Thieves. 83.4 kb
Solan: She killed my father. She killed the great Borias. 62 kb

MP3s & Midis

Xena's Intro (No words) 19 kb
Xena Techno Remix 1.37 MB
Xena Kicks Bachae Butt 1.89 MB
Pop Goes Xena 1.10 MB
Xena Rap 2.80 MB
Xena Is Bitten 1.45 MB
Xena Vs Alte 4.13 MB
Ares 1.37 MB
Hercules TLJ Intro 506 kb
Temple of Ares 1.31 MB
Amazon Dance 936 kb
Ancient World 1.31 MB
Arabian Music 1.87 MB
Ares 1.37 MB
Dancing in the Moonlight 2.64 MB
Draco's Men 2.09 MB
Dreamscape 2.74 MB
Ending 771 kb
Everybody Dance Now 3.65 MB
Evil Tai Chi 878 kb
Fight on the Heads 2.69 MB
Flying Ninjas 1.24 MB
Froach A Ronaigh 2.12 MB
Gab Song 276 kb
Gabby's Rap 320 kb
House Mix 3.66 MB
If I Could Be Like Xena 3.45 MB
I'm Alabartis 2.72 MB
In the Rain 1.95 MB
Indrajit Arrives 1.61 MB
Kill Them 55.2 kb
Krishna 2.70 MB
Ladder Fight 4.35 MB
LaMao Flying 1.30 MB
LaMao Healing 2.34 MB
Let The Spirit Move Me 2.36 MB
Lucy Lawless & Renee O'Connor Tribute 2.55 MB
Lucy Lawless 1.71 MB
Lyre Lyre/Xena & Draco Rap 1.57 MB
Quicksand 1.33 MB
Rise 'N Shine 1.74 MB
Swamp Creatures 2.44 MB
Sword Play 1.32 MB
Tai Chi and Yoga 1.68 MB
Talk With Solan 3.71 MB
Tataka 1.44 MB
The Beserker 3.11 MB
Full Amazon Death Chant 3.02 MB
Ultimate Fantasy (Gabby Mix) 2.61 MB
War Dance 744 kb
Xena & Gabby 2.75 MB
Xena Feedback Remix 2.39 MB
Xena Meditates 1.06 MB
Xena Pagan Song 1.10 MB
Xena's Lullaby 350 kb
Xena's Web 2.03 MB
Xena Chant 873 kb
Xena House Mix 4.94 MB
Xena Remix 1.68 MB
Hercules Intro (no words) 20.2 kb
Xena Intro (No words) 19 kb