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This is a very small collection right now, but there will be more coming. The start up screen belongs under C:/ and the other two belong under C:/Windows. To keep from losing the ones that you already have, first go to C:/logo.sys and rename it logo.bmp, then rename yours logo.sys and move to C:/. Do the same with the other two, rename logow.sys to logow.bmp and logos.sys to logos.bmp. Rename yours logow.sys and logos.sys and move to C:/Windows. No worries about the size as they will automatically stretch to fit the screen.

Download Logo Set #1

Download Logo Set #2

WARNING: Do not try to use the previews as the screens as they will not work.

Enjoy a new way a starting up and shutting down your computer. If you have any ideas you would like for me to create for you just E-Mail Me and I will make them for you.