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Anime Characters

I will no longer have a toolbar skins, wallpaper and stationary section, due to lack of space and time. I will still have buttons.

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DISCLAIMER: I have spent many hours surfing the web and collecting pictures. I can't always remember where I obtained the pictures. My intentions are not to infringe upon anyone, so if I have something that infringes upon you, PLEASE let me know and I will either post your name or remove it according to your wishes. Everything on my site is free for anyone to use either personally or on their website. If you would like to say you got it from me, that would be nice; but is not a requirement. This site is for the enjoyment of all and not for profit. All pictures are the property of the ones who created them or the themes behind them. The only thing that is mine is the way I use them. Please feel free to talk to me if there is anything on my site that bothers you or if you like what is on my site. I am not in this for the glory; just to be able to share with all the people out there who can't get enough of any topic on my site.

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