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Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire Character Backgrounds

Page Three

To see a preview of what the background will look like, left click on the image. To download the picture, right click on the image, then click on save picture as. Backgrounds work best on webpages, desktop backgrounds and can be used for other things as well. You might want to lighten them up before using them on your webpage.

Barty Crouch Sr. 25d Igor Karkaroff 26d
Harry Potter 27d Professor Moody 28d
Harry & Professor Moody 29d Professor Dumbledore 30d
Cedric Diggory 31d Cedric Diggory 32d
Harry, Cedric & Rita 33d Cedric & Cho 34d
Professor McGonagall 35d Hermione Granger 36d

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