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Season One

Page One

1. The Wrong Path - 1/16/95
Kevin Sorbo as Hercules - Star
Clare Carey as Aegina - Guest Star
Michael Hurst as Iolaus - Guest Star
John Dybvig as Tavern Thug
Eric Gruendemann as High Priest
Gordon Hatfield as Temple Guard
Elizabeth Hawthorne as Alcmene
Tawney Kitaen as Deianeira
Nicky Mealings as She-Demon
Mick Rose as Lykus
Martyn Sanderson as Thoas
John Watson as Pilgrim #2
Patrick Wilson as Pilgrim #1

2. The Eye Of The Beholder - 1/23/95
Kevin Sorbo as Hercules - Star
Kim Michaelis as Scilla - Guest Star
Richard Moll as Cyclops - Guest Star
Robert Trebor as Salmoneus - Guest Star
Donald Baigent as Evander
Ken Blackburn as Alreus
Arch Goodfellow as Lout
Jim McLarty as Myles
Michael Mizrahi as Castor
David Press as Claucus
Nancy Schroder as Head Sister
Derek Ward as Ferret
Ian Watkin as Innkeeper
Ray Woolf as Chief Executioner

3. The Road To Calydon - 1/30/95
Kevin Sorbo as Hercules - Star
Portia Dawson as Janna - Guest Star
Norman Forsey as Blind Man/See'er - Guest Star
John Sumner as Broteus - Guest Star
Bruce Allpress as Old Man
Julian Arahanga as Lead Bounty Hunter
Sela Brown as Leda
Patrick Kake as Hercules Double
Andrew Kovacevich as Odenn
Stephen Papps as Teles
Peter Rowley as Ephadon
Christopher Saunoa as Ixion
Maggie Tarver as Hesame
Emma Turner as Leucosia

4. The Festival Of Dionysus - 2/6/95
Kevin Sorbo as Hercules - Star
Jonathan Blick as Nestor - Guest Star
Warren Carl as Pentheus - Guest Star
Norman Forsey as Blind Man/See'er - Guest Star
Katrina Hobbs as Marissa - Guest Star
Todd Rippon as Gudren - Guest Star
Michael Dwyer as Thug #2
Arch Goodfellow as Pyturis
Patrick Kake as Hercules Double
John Mellor as Thug #1
Bernard Moody as Old Drunk
Ilona Rodgers as Queen Camilla
Martyn Sanderson as Ancient Priest
Noel Trevarthen as King Iphicles
Daniel Warren as Cletis
Darren Warren as Clarin

5. Ares - 2/13/95
Kevin Sorbo as Hercules - Star
Cory Everson as Atalanta - Guest Star
Peter Malloch as Arielius - Guest Star
Callum Stembridge as Titus - Guest Star
Marise Wipani as Janeesta - Guest Star
Al Chalk as Voice Of Ares
Nick Clark as Kid #2
Taungaroa Emile as Ximenos
Kelson Henderson as Kid #1
Rebecca Hobbs as Woman #1
Rebekah Mercer as Woman #2
Peter Muller as Fallen Soldier (Gregor)
Mark Newnham as Ares

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