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Season Six

Page One

104. Be Deviled - 9/27/99
Kevin Sorbo as Hercules - Star
Michael Hurst as Iolaus - Co-Star
Jeremy Roberts as Xersis - Guest Star
Katie Wolfe as Arceana - Guest Star
Sam (Jenkins) Sorbo as Serena - Guest Star
Bill Florian as Head Guard
John O'Leary as Caretaker
Dennis Haley as Headmaster
Syd Mannion as Hera Priest
Tony Billy as Con #1
Des Willke as Con #2
Danny Phillips as Hera Worshipper
Kerwynn Walsh as Villager
Segosi Fiola as Soldier #1
Slade Leef as Soldier #2
Kurt Holsted as Young Xersis
Gerry Eller as Xersis' Mother
Michael Phillips as Magistrate

105. Love, Amazon Style - 10/4/99
Kevin Sorbo as Hercules - Star
Michael Hurst as Iolaus - Co-Star
Alexandra Tydings as Aphrodite - Guest Star
Joel Tobeck as Deimos - Guest Star
Jason Hoyte as Hephestes - Guest Star
Simone Kessell as Kayla - Guest Star
Campbell Cooley as Deimos' Partner - Guest Star
Sonia Gray as Gorgeous Amazon
Amber Sainsbury as Amazon #1
Joy Van Leon as Amazon #2
Katrina Mesa as Amazon #3
Sharon Jones Norman as Big Amazon
Tim Hosking as Gambler
Albert Sword as Dealer
Ben Cooke as Guard #1

106. Rebel With A Cause - 10/11/99
Kevin Sorbo as Hercules - Star
Paige Moss as Antigone - Guest Star
Mick Rose as Oedipus - Guest Star
Stelios Yiakmis as Creon - Guest Star

107. Darkness Visible - 10/18/99
Kevin Sorbo as Hercules - Star
Michael Hurst as Iolaus - Co-Star
Jeffrey Meek as Prince Vlad - Guest Star
Stephen Lovatt as Galen - Guest Star
Tiffany deCastro as Galen's Sister - Guest Star
Rafe Battiste as Aerius - Guest Star
Jon Brazier as Messenger
Norman Fairley as Headmaster
Marcel Kalma as Vampire
Gene Malone as Vendor

108. Hercules, Tramps & Thieves - 10/25/99
Kevin Sorbo as Hercules - Star
Bruce Campbell as Autolycus - Guest Star
Traci Elizabeth Lords as Luscious - Guest Star
John Sumner as Sheriff
John - Emcee
Patrick Kake
Danny Phillips

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