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Season Three

Page Four

53. The Lost City - 2/24/97
Michael Hurst as Iolaus - Co-Star
Matthew Chamberlain as Kamaras - Guest Star
Fiona Mogridge as Mariah - Guest Star
Robert Trebor as Salmoneus - Guest Star
Jeremy Curry as Assistant
Marama Jackson as Aurora
Andrew Kovacevich as Bystander
Hannah Malloch as Lorel
Amber Sainsbury as Regina

54. Les Contemptibles - 4/7/97
Kevin Sorbo as Robere (Hercules) - Star
Michael Hurst as Jean Pierre (Iolaus) - Co-Star
Danielle Cormack as Marie DeValle (Ephiny) - Guest Star
Robert Trebor as Francios (Salmoneus) - Guest Star
Robert Lee as Guy
Paul Norell as Croissant (Falafel)
Mark Perrett as Coachman
Campbell Rousselle as Sergeant
Patrick Wilson as Captain Gerrard

55. Reign Of Terror - 4/14/97
Kevin Sorbo as Hercules - Star
Rainer Grant as Malanabee - Guest Star
Robert Trebor as Salmoneus - Guest Star
Alexandra Tydings as Aphrodite - Guest Star
Albert Belz as Minteus
Grant Bridger as King Augeus
Laurie Dee as Machus
Les Dwight as Soldier #1
Justin Fashanu as Soldier #2
Alex Moffat as Silicles
Bruce Phillips as Palamedes
Brett Stewart as Stichus

56. The End Of The Beginning - 4/21/97
Kevin Sorbo as Hercules - Star
Bruce Campbell as Autolycus - Special Guest Star
Kevin Smith as Ares - Guest Star
Joel Tobeck as Strife - Guest Star
Kara Zediker as Serena - Guest Star
Peter Feeney as Other Autolycus
Mike Howell as Head Guard
Heidi Jeory as Mother
Grant McFarland as Shellus
David Mackie as Hemnor
Ruth Morrison as Serena's Child
Paul Norell as Falafel
Marek Sumich as Head Rowdy
Ian Watkin as King Quallus

57. War Bride - 4/28/97
Kevin Sorbo as Hercules - Star
Michael Hurst as Iolaus - Co-Star
Lisa Chappell as Alexa - Guest Star
Josephine Davison as Melissa - Guest Star
Lori Dungey as Woman
David Geary as Lieutenant
Ric Chan as Monk
Phaedra Hurst as Slave Girl
Marcel Kalma as Hargus
Chic Littlewood as King Tolas
Ross McKellar as Gordius
Mark Raffety as Acteon

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